Cheap airport parking in Spain and Portugal

Lavacolla offers its services at the following airports:

  • Valencia (Manises)
  • Barcelona (El Prat)
  • Madrid (Barajas)
  • Lisbon (Portela)
  • Seville (San Pablo)
  • Vigo (Peinador)
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • And coming soon: Bilbao (La Paloma) and Oporto


With prices from around 16€ per day for one or two days, 8€ per day for the third and fourth and only 5€ per day from the fifth day onwards, its certainly cheaper than an airport’s own car parking facilities. Depending on where you live in relation to the airport, it can also work out cheaper than getting a taxi. You can calculate the cost online and make the reservation too.

The company will pick up your car at the departures terminal and they’ll be waiting for you at arrivals (you’ll need to call them 20 minutes before you want to pick up your car). Of course their car parking facilities are insured – just in case…

So that you don’t have to worry in case your flight is delayed, Lavacolla also offers 4 hours parking free of charge after your reservation expires.

Additionally you can have your car washed and vacuumed whilst you’re away or even get it serviced.

We’re only left with one doubt, in their English version the company says that “We wash and aim your car while you travel”, where are they aiming it? The original Spanish actually means “vacuuming” – beware the dangers of Google translations!