Get a 5€ Discount Voucher at H&M Stores

spanish-fashion-offersH&M has an on-going initiative at many of their stores across Europe, including Spain: take along your used clothes to get a discount voucher and H&M will also make a donation to charity.

H&M aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry and the number of items that become part of landfills. In order to encourage people not to throw their old or unwanted clothing to the trash, they’ll accept second hand clothing at stores.

How Does It Work?

First of all check at the H&M dedicated “Garment Collecting” webpage for details of the containers that can be found at your nearest participating store. Then just take along your used clothing (any brand – but not footwear). For each bag that you take, you’ll get a 5€ discount for your next purchase over 30€.

You are limited to a maximum of two bags per person per day.

What Will H&M Do?

H&M will forward the items to a processing plant that will classify the clothing as follows:

–       Clothes in good condition will be sold as second hand in different countries.

–       Clothes that can’t be sold will be transformed and reused (eg as cloths)

–       The remaining items will be recycled and used in industry

H&M will donate 0.02€ to a local charity and any profit made from the sale or reuse of clothing will be either donated, used to finance materials recycling projects or used to benefit H&M customers.


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