Cheap DVDs

dvdSpanish newspapers often have promos with cheap, or sometimes free, DVDs at the weekend. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the newspaper too, but it often works out cheaper than buying a second hand DVD from Amazon.

The number of DVDs is limited per location, so it’s always a good idea to reserve a copy with your local newsagent. If you find out too late about a promo, ask at your newsagent as they may have some unsold copies or they can request a copy from the distributor. Although you can order a missed DVD direct from the newspaper, it works out more expensive as they will charge for packing and delivery.

ABC – 80’s Classics

ABC is offering six 80’s classics for 1.99€ each and each one includes a copy of the original film poster.

  • 13 Sep – Ghostbusters
  • 20 Sep – Gremlins
  • 27 Sep – Flashdance
  • 4 Oct – Back to the Future
  • 11 Oct – Back to the Future II
  • 18 Oct – Back to the Future III

El Pais – Westerns

This collection started in June 2015, each DVD costs 1.95€, upcoming films are:

  • 13 Sep – Shane
  • 20 Sep – Red River
  • 27 Sep- The Big Country
  • 4 Oct – Two Rode Together
  • 11 Oct – El Dorado
  • 18 Oct – Johnny Guitar


Although the DVDs normally come with English soundtrack (and subtitles), it’s a good idea to check before buying.