Top Tips to Save Time and Money at Ikea

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Ikea has radically changed the way many people furnish their homes. There are plenty of ways that you can save money at Ikea and time too – just take a look at our tips.

Get an Ikea Family Card

No family? No problem! The Ikea Family Card is simply a loyalty card and it comes with loads of perks. You can either apply for the card online, fill in a form and take it into your local store, or use one of the self-service machines in stores and get the card printed instantly.

Benefits of having a card include:

  • Members-only discounts
  • Minimum 20% saving on all items marked Ikea Family
  • Free coffee and discounts on meals
  • A gift on your birthday (discount voucher or similar)
  • Workshops and events for members only
  • Additional 10% Ikea sales
  • Additional promos that vary by store (choose your local store online to see the latest offers)
  • Discounts from other companies near to your chosen store (check online).

Download Ikea’s Apps

On Ikea’s app you can check their general catalogue, create your shopping list and check the latest promos and offers. Offers normally change weekly, so if you’re not interested one week don’t forget to take a look the following week.

The Ikea app is a great time-saver too; you’ll be notified if the items you want to buy are in stock at your chosen store, thereby saving a wasted journey when there’s no stock.

Check Stocks Online

If you don’t use the app you can also avoid spending time and petrol only to find that the items you need are out of stock via Ikea’s website. Search for the item online and on the right-hand side of the page you can check stock available at your chosen store.

If you won’t be visiting on the day you check stock online, then use the expected stock option “ver disponibilidad estimada” in order to get an idea about how much stock will be available over the next few days.

Create a Shopping List Before You Go

By creating a shopping list you can not only check for availability of products in store (some may have to be ordered) but also print out, or save on your mobile, a full list with all product references and, in some cases, sorted by order of location in the warehouse.

Calculate Which Day to Visit

Most people will return items at the weekend, and this means that these items will be included in the “oportunidades” (clearance) section on a Monday. Shopping at the beginning of the week means more clearance stock and less people having picked over it!

Get a Free Ikea Credit Card

If you have both the Ikea Family Card and their Visa card you’ll get 10 months interest-free credit on your purchases. Additional cards for family members are also free and there’s no need to change bank. Off course the credit card can be used worldwide at any store that accepts Visa.

Go In Through The Exit Door!

Avoid the labyrinth that is any Ikea store, they’re carefully planned to entice you to buy. Either go in through the exit door straight to the warehouse with your shopping list, but if you do go to the sales floor, make sure you check the route and use the shortcuts (“atajo”) to avoid too many temptations to buy.

Check Google Popular Times And Avoid The Crowds

In Google just type “Ikea (chosen location)” and check the graph that appears on the right hand side of the page. You’ll be shown how busy the store is at different times of the day. You can also change the day of the week to see which day is less busy.

Go when there are fewer people to save time.

Need to Return Items? Go First Thing in the Morning

Time is money, and when you take your ticket to return an item and wait your turn it can be a long wait!

If you need to return items go as early as possible, save time and then go to the cafeteria for your free coffee and cheap breakfast (with your Ikea Family Card of course).

Let Ikea Sell Your Old Ikea Stuff

A new service in 2017, currently only in Madrid but being rolled out nationwide during the year. Ikea furniture items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, shelves and drawers can be sold. How does it work?

  1. Fill in a form online, include four photos of each item and indicate in which store you want to sell them.
  2. Ikea will take a look, let you know if they will accept them for sale and give you a valuation.
  3. If you agree, take your items to the store. Note: you’ll be responsible for assembling them in store, Ikea will let you borrow the necessary tools.
  4. An Ikea employee will check that the item(s) coincide with the photos you sent. If everything is OK you’ll get an Ikea gift card for the value.
  5. Your items are sold in the clearance section for the same price you’ve been paid.

Discounts Available With Collaborating Companies

Once you’ve chosen your local store, take a look in the Ikea Family section at the offers from partner companies; insurance, clothing, pet supplies and lots more. The number of partners varies by store, in some areas there are just a few whereas in others there are over 50!

What About Buying Online?

Last year Ikea launched their online store with delivery only on the Spanish mainland. However you’ll have to pay, even if you collect the ítems, and it’s not cheap.

Choose Click and Collect and the cost is 16€ (29€ in Granada). If you want Ikea to deliver the charge depends on the geographical area and the amount you’ve spent, the lowest charge is 55€.

Take a Look at Yo Voy Por Ti and Pikeando

No time at all? Take a look at Yo Voy Por Ti, they’ll shop & deliver all your Ikea items for a very reasonable rate. They’ll even put together your items for you; which might be cheaper than hiring tools if you don’t have any.

You don’t need to pay upfront, removing any risk for the customer. Check delivery rates for your area and remember that the company is growing and will cover more areas in Spain in the future.

Pikeando is a website where people sell their second hand Ikea goods. Ads are free and you can filter by area or items. There are two main sections:

  • “Escaparate” – goods that are still in the Ikea catalogue  (so you can compare prices and see if it’s worthwhile buying second hand)
  • “Rastro” – shows items no longer sold by Ikea.

Remember, neither of these companies belongs to Ikea.


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