Utilities in Spain – Separating Fact From Fiction

With prices on the rise and more players entering the energy market, it pays to know the reality behind the hype regarding utilities in

This Week’s Top Promos and Offers in Spain (7 Oct 2021)

Computers, Phones, Gadgets Media Markt’s kilos X euros promo is back. For large items, discounts are based on size/weight, eg for 4K TVs get from 1€


Useful EU Apps And Information Portals

The EU provides lots of useful apps, we've highlighted those you should download today. All are free, most include all EU languages and are

How To Boost The Returns On Your Savings

Banks in Spain currently offer very low savings rates, and some don’t offer any interest at all. But why leave your cash sitting in

Solar Panels For Your Spanish Home: Pros And Cons

Electricity prices are soaring, but if you’re thinking of installing solar panels on your Spanish home, it’s a good idea to take all the

This Week’s Top Promos and Offers in Spain (23 Sep 2021)

Computers, Phones, Gadgets 20% off at Media Markt online only on a selection of items until Friday 24 Sep at 9am. Worten now offers 100 days

Freebies in Spain

Freebies with Spanish Magazines: October 2021

Buying women's magazines in Spain can often mean getting great freebies too, in most cases worth considerably more than the cost of the mag.