Self Storage In Spain

The number of self storage companies in Spain has increased considerably over the last few years. We’ve taken a look at your options, the

Renting Property In Spain: Top Tips

Whether you’re planning to rent property in Spain, or already renting, we’ve rounded up some great tips to help you save not only money

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Home Improvements Grants in Spain

In March 2018 the Spanish Government approved the Housing Plan 2018-2021. The Royal Decree includes, amongst other things, help with home improvements. Read on

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How To Calculate Home Insurance In Spain

If you’re reading this then you probably already realise that it makes sense to organise home insurance in Spain. Your property will probably be the

Saving at DIY Stores in Spain

DIY stores in Spain offer a good selection of home improvement supplies, gardening items and economical home decoration products.  Check out our round-up of the major


Buying a New Car or Renting in Spain: Which Option is Right for You?

Not to be confused with car hire, in Spain a renting contract is a long-term rental option that includes all the costs except for


How To Pay Less IBI Tax On Your Property In Spain

All property owners in Spain have to pay the annual IBI tax (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles), regardless of whether the property is in use