Freebies in Spain

Freebies with Spanish Magazines: October 2021

Buying women’s magazines in Spain can often mean getting great freebies too, in most cases worth considerably more than the cost of the mag. Read on to see what’s on offer this month.

October 2021 Freebies

Top freebie this month is with Marie Claire ?. Many pocket sized mags also includes freebies that are worth considerably more than what you’ll pay for the mag.

Remember that magazine and freebie stocks are limited. Buy at your local kiosk, Carrefour or El Corte Ingles.

Most full-size mags cost under 5€, pocket-size versions are cheaper and may have different gifts (or none at all) and in some regions contents may vary to those detailed below.


The regular mag includes a Salerm lipstick as well as two face masks that can be washed up to 25 times.

With the pocket size mag you get a Termix pro hair brush.

Glamour (issue for Oct & Nov 2021)

With the full size mag this month you’ll get one of four different 3ina lipsticks.

The pocket edition includes one of two repair serums by Kueshi: Pomegranate or Persimmon.

El Mueble

Includes a Rituals reed difusor, choose from Sakura or Karma fragrance, worth 13€.


This month’s mag includes either a Selvert hand cream or mint face mask, worth almost 5€.


Includes one of these items: NYX Off Tropic tote bag, Pop XL purse or Loqi mini bag.

The pocket version includes a Loqi shopping bag.

Marie Claire

Includes a Selvert Thermal day cream, worth around 18€, and two face masks for children along with a mask holder.


Comes with a handbag-size hydrating hand sanitiser spray.


Get a free full size Rituals shower gel, worth 8.50€.

Harper’s Bazaar

Although Harper’s Bazaar doesn’t always come with a freebie, this month you’ll get a Comodynes Sowash! energising cleansing stick, available in 4 different versions – Pink Clay, Charcoal, Aloe Vera or Shea Butter. The freebie is worth around 12€.

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