Get 50€ off a Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

offersUntil 15 May 2014, Nescafe is offering a 50€ discount off the majority of Dolce Gusto machines, both for purchases in store and online. See how to get this great discount.

Buying In Store

You can get 50€ off any of these Dolce Gusto models: Melody, Circolo and Genio. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy a machine from any store (promo coupons on display next to machines or available online).
  2. Fill in the coupon and send with proof of purchase (photocopy of the receipt or invoice, dated between 6 March and 15 May 2014).
  3. Cut the 13-figure barcode from the packaging.
  4. Send the three documents (coupon with your details, proof of purchase and barcode) by post before 15 June 2014.

If you’ve followed the steps correctly, in 4 to 6 weeks you’ll receive the 50€ discount by bank transfer. There is a phone number shown on the coupon where you can call to check the status of your request.

Take care that you don’t purchase any limited edition model as these aren’t included in the promo.

Buying Online

It’s probably a lot easier to buy a machine online, where the 50€ discount is available for all machines except the Mini Me.

  1. Enter the Dolce Gusto online store and choose a machine (except Mini Me).
  2. Add to your basket 4 boxes of 16 capsules (any flavour).
  3. The 50€ discount will appear automatically.
  4. You’ll also get one free box of capsules and free delivery.

Get A Further 10€ Discount for Capsules

Whichever machine you buy, with or without this promo, remember to register it online to get a 10€ discount. This discount can only be used at the online store to buy capsules and you’ll need to use the code you can find inside the coffee machine box.

Win a Year’s Free Coffee

For everyone who’s registered their machine at the Dolce Gusto website, and purchased at least one box of capsules, you can enter a competition to win a year’s free coffee. Each capsules box contains a promo code and you’ll have to enter these codes online to participate (one code = one entry). There are 30 prizes to be won, each prize is 24 boxes of 16 capsules.


Remember that used coffee capsules can’t be deposited in the yellow recycling containers. Hence Nescafe has installed across Spain several recycling points, check the list to see if there’s a collection point near you.


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