Darty Closing Down Sale – UPDATE

spain offersDarty has 43 stores across Spain and will be closing all of them at the end of June 2013. Their closing down sale has already started, but you may be wary of buying from a store that won’t be around much longer – read on to see if it’s worth buying at Darty and check your consumer rights.

What’s happening at Darty?

Darty took over Spanish stores San Luis and Menaje del Hogar some years ago, however they never reached the level of sales expected in the Spanish market. Hence on 30 June 2013 Darty will cease trading in Spain and they are offering different discounts on most products both in their stores and online (you should still compare prices, for example at Kelkoo before buying just in case!). Examples of discounts include:

  • 30% off washing machines & dishwashers
  • 40% off fridges and fridge-freezers
  • 50% off air conditioning
  • 70% off accessories

If you really want to buy an item that they don’t have in stock, some stores may offer the chance to order it however we’d advise against this as you may have to leave a deposit and if the item is never sent to the store you could face problems getting your deposit back.

What if the product is faulty or I want to return it?

Until 30 June Darty will still accept products for return or exchange, after that date Worten stores will take responsibility for any goods that are still in their warranty period as long as these goods are normally stocked by Worten (you’ll have to check with Worten directly). Otherwise you’ll have to rely on the manufacturer’s guarantee rather than the seller’s. Theoretically this shouldn’t be a problem, however you could have issues if you’ve bought something with an additional discount if it was on display.

Remember that you don’t have the legal right to a refund just because you’ve changed your mind, except for items bought online (“cooling off period”). However, once Darty has closed all its stores in Spain, you won’t be able to get a refund so think twice before you buy an item you’re not really sure you need just because the price is attractive.

What about extended warranties?

All extended warranties paid for at Darty have been taken out with Caser Seguros (an Insurance Company in Spain). This means that for any issues you will have to contact Caser Seguros directly (contact details can be found on the warranty paperwork).

Until when will gift cards / vouchers be accepted?

Although these will be accepted until the last day of trading, we suggest you use them as soon as possible as stock levels will start to fall and you may not find anything that you really want to purchase with your gift card.

More questions?

Darty have the following number for enquiries: 902 30 30 14


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