Why Pay Full Price in Spain?

low-price-spainIn times of recession, when travelling, going out for a meal or to the hairdresser becomes a luxury; there are alternatives to downloading discount coupons. Academies (and students) are always on the look-out for “guinea pigs” to try out their skills. We’ve taken a look at the most popular services and what prices you can expect.


How about a suite in a hotel for only 47€? And a top class three-course meal for under 13€? That’s the type of price you can expect at the Hotel Escuela near Madrid where students for the past 20 years have been practicing their skills in hotel management and future chefs get to try out new recipes Of course, now that more people know about the Hotel Escuela, the waiting list is considerably longer than it used to be.

To find one of these hotels either near where you live or where you’ll be visiting, carry out an online search for “Hotel Escuela” and your chosen city or region in Spain. Remember that in high season it’ll be difficult to find a room unless you book well in advance. Also bear in mind that most of the hotels follow the academic calendar and many close during the summer, Christmas and Easter vacations. Meals tend to be at set times (lunch and dinner) but in exchange you´ll be able to enjoy excellent cuisine at a very affordable price.

You can also get advice on your dream trip from Travel and Tourism students who study at many of these locations. They won’t go as far as booking your trip for you, but you could get valuable advice a lot faster than searching for it online. Additionally you could help them practice their English language skills!


All over Spain it’s possible to find hairdressing academies that are always on the lookout for volunteers and with prices at around 5€ for a cut and blow-dry it’s a lot cheaper that your local salon.  All hairdressers are fully supervised, which is good to know when they ask for male volunteers to practice their shaving skills!

To find a local hairdressing academy, just search on Google for Academia de Peluquería and give them a call. You might find that each month they’ll be practicing a different skill, so unless you’re flexible you may have to wait.

Dental Clinics

Apparently there are waiting lists for University Dental Clinics, where at a reduced price students will carry out a range of procedures. In the Valencia area there are four University Clinics to choose from, each with their own pricing structure. Even though the official line is that this is not a service aimed at making a profit, there are cases of universities contracting qualified dentists to meet demand!


Remember with any of these places to check first of all that you really are getting a reduced price – the aim is for students to learn and not for the establishment to make a profit.