TV Frequencies Changes – How to Get a Grant

home-spainIn order to make way for 4G mobile communications, digital TV channels are changing frequency. On the one hand this means retuning your TV, which is free, but for many housing communities the installation will have to be adapted and this comes at a cost.


From 1 January 2015 the current frequencies used by digital TV channels in Spain will be taken over by mobile 4G services, however many channels will be moving over earlier so you may need to retune a couple of times before the end of the year.

Some housing communities or buildings will also need to change their installation in order to adapt it to the new frequencies – with around a million residential homes affected.

If you live in a house with its own TV aerial, then you shouldn’t have to adapt anything (just retune your TV). Be careful with scammers who’ll misinform you and carry out unnecessary, and expensive, work.

What’s the Cost and How Much is the Grant?

The cost can be as high as 500€ per building – avoid cowboy traders who’ll offer a lower cost but without guarantees (the Government provides a list of authorised installers).

Grants of 100€ will be paid if a programmable control module is already installed. For housing communities with single-channel amplifiers the following amounts are available:

  • 1 amplifier: 150€
  • 2 amplifiers: 250€
  • 3 amplifiers: 350€
  • 4 amplifiers: 450€
  • 5 amplifiers: 550€

You can check on the official website the number of digital services affected in your area (by postcode) or check by province.

In order to get the grant the housing community will have to present both the invoice and additional paperwork that only authorised installers can supply. Requests for grants can only be made online and will be paid by bank transfer.


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