Buy and Sell Second Hand Items at Decathlon


Twice a year Decathlon stores hold their Trocathlon events, where you can buy or sell second hand sports equipment. It’s a cheap way to get items if you want to try out a new sport before splashing out on top-price gear, or if you need to sell those old skis that you were sure you’d be using every week!

Trocathlon events are held in March and October and are totally free to take part in, this year’s autumn event dates are as follows:

  • Deposit items for sale from 20 Oct to 3 Nov. You have to be a Decathlon card holder to sell items, but you can get one instantly when you visit the store.
  • Buy items from 21 Oct to 5 Nov.
  • Pre-deposit is also available from 1 Oct online. This allows you to fill in the necessary paperwork before visiting your local store.

How Does it Work?

First of all double-check online the dates at your local store in case they differ slightly.

  • Take your items along to any Decathlon store on the set dates where they’ll check them out. Let them know how much you want to sell each item for (experts at Decathlon can help you with pricing) and sign a short contract.
  • Whatever you sell you’ll get in Decathlon vouchers, valid for 6 months. You’ll receive the voucher once the event has finalised. You can also opt for an “e-bono”, which means you’ll get your voucher by email sooner (but only if all your goods are sold).
  • Some items aren’t accepted such as clothing, footwear, helmets, child seats, etc.
  • If your stuff doesn´t sell, you’ll have to pick it up again after the event ends. If you don’t pick it up after one month it becomes Decathlon’s property.

What About Guarantees and Returns?

This is a tricky area; Decathlon’s T&Cs state that they don’t supply a guarantee as they don’t actually sell the goods, they’re just acting as an intermediary. However the law states that all second hand goods must come with a guarantee from the seller, which in this case is the responsibility of the person who has deposited the goods with Decathlon.

No exchanges or returns are possible. Be certain about what you’re buying before parting with your cash.


We suggest you clean up your old stuff before you take it to Decathlon. Your items will be competing against others and first impressions can make all the difference to getting a sale. If you really want to sell, make sure you don’t set your price too high.


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