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train-travel-spainRenfe has launched their new +Renfe loyalty programme for train travel in Spain. We’ve rounded up all the info about the new programme and the advantages for travellers.

There are 4 different cards depending on how often you travel (and spend!): +Renfe, +Renfe Plata, +Renfe Oro and +Renfe Premium.

Each card gives holders access to advantages such as discounts, priority check-in, upgrades, free or subsidised parking at stations and access to Renfe Lounges.

As a cardholder you’ll get points each time you travel. Use points to get discounts on train travel or other special promos not only with Renfe but also with their partner companies.

How Can I Get and Use My Card?

Register online or fill in the pdf document and send by post/email.

Each time you purchase a ticket make sure to include your card number to obtain points. The number of points accumulated will be shown on your purchases. Points are also available when purchases are made from Partners.

As soon as you have points, you can start to use them. However you must have enough points for the price of any ticket as you can’t combine points and money.

What’s the Difference Between the Cards?


  • Basic card for total yearly expenditure under 1000€.
  • Points obtained on local (cercanías) trains, mid and long distance, Avant and AVE.
  • Virtual card (physical card only available upon request).
  • Special rates for train station parking.
  • Discounts and promos with Partner companies.

+Renfe Plata

As +Renfe and additionally:

  • 50% discount on flexible tariff for AVE and long distance trains (excludes international routes).
  • Special rates for access to Renfe Lounges.
  • Need to spend between 1000€ and 3000€ annually.

+Renfe Gold and +Renfe Premium include more perks but you need to spend over 3000€ and over 10,000€ respectively each year. These cards are only valid for periods of 12 months.

American Express Renfe

  • Includes additional Renfe points for new cardholders, up to 1200 points if you spend 2000€ in the first 6 months.
  • 15% off all purchases given as Renfe points (1€ spent = 0.15 points).
  • No annual fee first year, then 80€ per year (better to cancel unless you travel a lot by train).

Partner Companies

At the moment Partners include:

  • Hotel chains Paradores, Rusticae and Melia
  • Car hire with Europcar and Avis
  • Insurance with Mutua Madrileña.
  • Additionally you can decide to donate your Renfe points to a number of NGOs with an exchange rate of 10 points = 1€.

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