Food Intolerance Shopping in Spain

food-intolerance-spainFor some people who’ve moved to Spain, not only do they have to deal with a new language and culture, but for many years searching for special foods needed for medical or other reasons could be difficult. Luckily that’s changed and hopefully due to increased competition we could see prices come down in the future.

First of all make sure that you know the right term in Spanish for your food requirement. Use an online translator to help, such as Google Translate. It’s also a good idea to take a look at for free printable food allergy translation cards, they also have a free app for iPhone and Android

Once you know you won’t be purchasing the wrong products, if you want to buy in store one option is to look for “herbalista” and your city on the online yellow pages (until recently herbalists were the only places you could find anything out of the ordinary). However the bigger supermarkets in the last few years have started to increase the range of items available for different dietary needs, but you may have to hunt them down as some are placed together in one aisle while others are stocked with the same food group.

But now there are specialist websites to fill the niche partially left by herbalists and supermarkets. Here’s a guide to a few of them:

General Food Intolerance Websites

The website has a large range of items split by food types for different intolerances as well as bio, vegetarian and vegan items. Orders are delivered in 5 days and delivery prices depend on whether there are refrigerated or frozen foods included in the order. Additionally this company offers allergen-free toys.

Lactose-Free Websites

The Senslac website is mainly for lactose-free products, although they do include other options such as gluten-free, nut-free and more. Delivery prices are split by weight and whether the order requires refrigeration.

At you can find a list of stores for the city where you live in Spain that stock lactose-free products.

Gluten-Free Websites offers free delivery on orders over 30€, delivery is by courier in 48 hours except weekends. has a wide range of products and delivery prices are based on weight.

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