Grants for Air Conditioning – Andalucia

savings-spainIn order to promote energy efficiency, the regional Andalucian government is offering grants for households to change their air conditioning system or hot water boiler.

Who Can Request A Grant?

The grants are available for both individuals and companies and, in order to qualify, your home or company must be located in Andalucia. Individuals must be legally resident and have a NIE number.

You have to spend a minimum of 2000€ and the amount of the grant won’t exceed 25% of the total cost. Funds are limited, so it’s first come first served.

What Do You Have To Do?

First of all you’ll have to locate a distributor that is officially certified to apply for the grant on your behalf, just find your town on this list. Once you’ve visited one or more stores and decided on the air conditioning or boiler you want installed, you’ll have to show your original identification document (NIE number) and the store will fill out the forms required for the grant and give you a copy (the company can’t charge you for dealing with the paperwork).

When the company gets approval from the Andalucian Energy Agency you can arrange for installation and payment. Once again it’s the company that will have to forward the documentation (invoice and a form with your bank details) to the Agency and you’ll receive the grant by bank transfer.

The company must also remove your old air conditioning system or boiler, free of charge, and take it to an authorised recycling centre.

How Much Can You Save?

As well as the grant, you’ll also need to take into account the savings you’ll achieve by using more efficient equipment. Given that electricity prices in Spain have risen considerably over the last few years, the amounts could be considerable.

Further Information

Full information in Spanish is available at the Agency’s website and pdf leaflet.


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