Cheaper Mobile Tariff? A New Approach In Spain

savings-spainGroup buying, or collective buying, is being introduced in many areas such as vehicles, flights and even housing in order to achieve lower prices for consumers based on the higher number of final purchasers. Spain’s consumer organisation, OCU, has launched their second initiative aimed at cheaper mobile tariffs and smartphones.

The mobile phone market is dominated by the big three in Spain: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange. Monthly costs tend to be on the rise, as well as the connection charge per call that was increased this summer.

OCU aims to disrupt the market by getting together as many interested clients as possible; the larger the number, the better the chance of negotiating an attractive mobile tariff package. This is the second time that OCU has done this, the first time over 100,000 people signed up and the average saving per person was 105€ per year, although many people managed to save a lot more.

This time those who register will also be able to indicate if they’d be interested in purchasing a smartphone. OCU will ask both manufacturers and distributors for their best offers and then study the characteristics and price before proposing the best option.

Anyone take part in this initiative, but don’t worry as you won’t be under any obligation to change contract or buy a smartphone if you’re not convinced by the final results.

How Does it Work?

Signing up is simple, totally free and you don’t need to be an OCU member. Remember that there’s absolutely no obligation to accept the offer if you’re not convinced by the results.

  1. Sign-up on the OCU website ( before 30 Oct.
  2. Choose between the three options:
    1. Buy a mobile at a special price
    2. Save on my mobile tariff
    3. Buy a mobile at a special price and save on my mobile tariff.
  3. Register with your name, email, age and phone number.
  4. On the next page indicate the brand of mobile you’d be interested in (if you’ve chosen this option)
  5. The completion of additional details (current phone company, tariff, etc.) is optional.
  6. OCU will study all offers made by mobile companies and won’t accept any that have abusive clauses.
  7. OCU will propose the company that offers the best tariff for consumers taking into account both the cost and contract clauses. Additionally they’ll announce the best smartphone offer. Once the results are known you’ll receive an email with all the necessary info.

If you decide to accept the offer once it’s made public, you can add additional mobile phone numbers.

Remember, mobile companies are not forced to make any offers to the OCU – in this case the Organisation will advise you on your best options. If you let them know about your current tariff and mobile use you’ll get a personalised study back by email.

MSS Tip:

If you have a penalty clause with your current mobile provider, make sure you know exactly how much it is and when it expires. With this info you’ll be able to calculate whether the OCU negotiated tariff, together with the penalty charge, represents a saving for you or not.


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