Gyms in Spain

Gyms in Spain: Get In Shape On The Cheap

Getting in shape doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Even though Spain has fantastic weather for taking long walks to burn off the calories, you may be wondering about signing up to your local gym. Check out our tips on how to avoid paying over the odds.

Find A Free Outdoors Gym

Unless you live in a tiny village, there’s a good chance you can find an outdoors gym in your town.

In parks and woodland most Ayuntamientos have invested in free-to-use outdoor gyms that are not just for those aged 90 and over!

You could also find that your local council-run sports hall has an outside gym too that you can use without paying a monthly fee.

  • Pros: Free, usually includes cardio, toning and strength training, weather-proof.
  • Cons: Equipment not adjustable (height, weights, etc), no pets or kids allowed (normally).

Use A Low Cost Gym

Springing up across Spain, low cost gyms may mean you miss out on extras such as a sauna or personal trainer, but the equipment is generally the same as that you’d find in more expensive places.

A low cost gym may use virtual trainers (on screen) for group classes, showers may cost extra and you may have to take your own towel.

Before signing up, ask to use the equipment/try out a class for free (most gyms won’t object).

Prices may depend on when you use the installations. Generally mornings will be cheaper than evenings and weekends.

Check out: McFit, BasicFit or Google “gimnasio barato (your location)

  • Pros: Cheap, usually well equipped.
  • Cons: No personalised fitness plan, may get very busy at peak times.

Save On Subscription Plans

Gyms will try to get you to sign up for a 12-month plan. At the beginning it’s never a good idea, even though the monthly cost works out cheaper.

Due to competition many gyms have removed the joining fee, which is good news for customers. However it’s still the case that on longer term plans most people go for a few months and then never return.

Pay for a month to see whether the installations are what you’re looking for and then consider a 3, 6 or 12 month package. Compare what each package includes, longer packages may come with more extras, but only look for those extras you’ll actually use.

Try and join at the end of a calendar month, as many gyms have to meet sales quotas they might be able to give you a better rate.

  • Pros: Subscribing to a plan may convince you to go more often, some extras only available with packages.
  • Cons: Can work out very expensive if you pay long-term but only go for a few months.

MSS Tips

Don’t show up in your sports gear with your credit card at the ready. Make the gym work for your cash by offering you a discount or freebie.

Ask directly if they’re willing to give you a discount. Before you go, check if there are any online promotions (they may “accidentally” forget to tell you about them when you visit). Don’t try this in January when everyone decides to join a gym!

Over 60? Ask if they have a special rate for seniors.

Take a free trial at all the gyms near where you live – you could save up to a month’s dues!

Avoid paying for extras you won’t use.

Going with a friend? Ask about group discounts or “refer a friend” schemes.


Credit: Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash