Nespresso Compatible Capsules – More Than Coffee

Coffee cup and notepadIf you own a Nespresso machine you’ll be aware how expensive their coffee capsules are. However in Spain there are other brands that sell Nespresso compatible capsules online, as well as in supermarkets such as Mercadona.

Not only can you find coffee capsules, but tea capsules are also available. We’ve taken a look at the range of capsules on offer from several brands and how to get free samples, or free shipping, when ordering online.

Carte Noire – Coffee

Carte Noire capsules, sold in supermarkets, come in boxes of ten and are ranked according to intensity.

Cabú Coffee – Coffee & Tea

Cabú Coffee offers a wide variety of coffees, including coffees flavoured with cinnamon, caramel, coconut and raspberry. Additionally they have seven types of teas & infusions, all compatible with the majority of Nespresso machines.

You can buy boxes of ten capsules online, and delivery is free on orders over 20€. You can request a box free by registering on their promotions page.


Relative newcomer in the coffee capsule market is Gourmesso with a multilingual website. Capsules are available from Amazon Spain and include FairTrade blends. You can find a full list of compatible machines on their website.


Available in all major supermarkets, not sold online.

Pompadour – Tea

Pompadour sells tea capsules in six different flavours. Capsules are sold in supermarkets in boxes of ten. If you follow Pompadour on Facebook you’ll get up-to-date info on their latest promos that often include free capsules.

Make Your Own

You can buy empty capsules; just put your favourite coffee in, stick the top on and use. Empty capsules are available from Amazon Spain in boxes of 100 for around 10€.

MSS Tips

Before you buy any Nespresso compatible capsules, make sure you check beforehand that they are valid for your machine model.

To avoid tainting the flavour of your drink if you change between tea and coffee capsules, it’s a good idea to press the espresso button a couple of times (without any capsule) to clean the machine.

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