Learn Spanish, and about Spain, for free

Whether you want to learn Spanish as a beginner or are looking to perfect your advanced language skills, there are lots of resources at your fingertips that won’t cost a cent. At the same time you could also brush up your knowledge about all things Spain.


Most podcasts are available from iTunes and Google podcasts, some can also be accessed on Spotify. Free podcasts will normally include adverts, or other types of sponsored content, that help to cover the costs of production. And many will offer additional courses or books (after all, they are a business!). 

Before you choose a podcast, check to see whether they offer Castillian or Latin American Spanish (some are available in both), and choose according to your preference.

Take a look at:

Coffee Break Spanish

Available on the website or listen to their podcast when on the go. There are 4 levels: beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced.

Each podcast lasts less than 20 minutes, so grab a coffee and enjoy! Here’s the link to the radiolingua website.

News in Slow Spanish

Listen to current events in slow and clear Spanish. You’ll also get some pointers on grammar and pronunciation along the way. Here’s the link for the Castillian Spanish website with info on the episodes available.


This language-learning app also produces podcasts. Take a look here for details about what they offer.

When in Spain

More than language, the When in Spain podcast takes you through Spanish history, geography, gastronomy and much more.

Books and magazines

Your local library has lots of resources, and all for free. From daily newspapers to monthly magazines to books, there’s plenty to suit everyone.

Although you may not find structured Spanish learning materials, if your Spanish is still quite basic you could try browsing through the children’s sections.

If your local library offers audiobooks, get hold of the book also and follow it at the same time to help with your pronunciation.

Online courses (and resources)

The Open University offers through the Future Learn platform a 6-part Spanish for Beginners course. With different starting dates throughout the year, each part takes you through different scenarios.

There are more online courses on the edX platform provided by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. If you don’t want, or need, a certificate then the three Basic Spanish courses are free to follow.


Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, Learn Spanish+, Memrise, Rosetta Stone, SpeakEasy Spanish… there are lots of apps that you can download to your phone or tablet to help you learn and perfect your language skills.

In general apps will include in-app purchases and adverts, so watch out where you click! 

More online resources

Take a look at the BBC’s Spanish page that has plenty to choose from, including crosswords with audio, grammar, pronunciation and tests.

Simply Googling “learn Spanish for free” will bring up many resources. Go to the “images” tab and you’ll find downloadable worksheets that you can use for vocabulary and grammar.