How to Donate Your Unwanted Stuff

donate_spainIf you’d like to know how to get rid of your unwanted items and you’d like to take part in one of the many collaborative schemes that exist across Spain, take a look a our ideas.

Collaborative Websites

There are three main websites that you can use to donate your old items:, and

Although none of the websites are visually pleasing, the positive part is that they cover the majority of Spain. You can advertise free of charge the items you have available, the only condition is that they must free to anyone willing to collect them, either at your home or a designated location.

On Reciclalia as well as donating items you can advertise items that you’d like to exchange and they also allow ads for second hand items for sale.

Ask Your Town Hall

Check with your local town hall where you may be able to advertise in the local gazette your unwanted items. You could also ask about the local equivalent of a car boot sale or maybe there’s a monthly second hand fair that you could take part in.

Some towns allow items such as furniture to be left in the street next to the trash cans on certain days of the week when a truck will collect them (although on many occasions other people may collect the items before the local authority has the chance to!). If you’re worried about items not being recycled correctly, such as fridges or washing machines, ask the nearest official recycling centre if you could leave them there.

Local Church / Organisations

Get in touch with your local church, if they don’t organise a collection service they may be able to inform you about organisations that help members of society that have been particularly hard hit by the recession. If an organisation has to collect at your home a large number of items, for example if you’re moving house, then you could be asked to make a monetary donation too – it’s probably still cheaper than if you have to arrange for disposal of furniture or white goods.


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