Summer Sales in Spain 2021 – Your Consumer Rights

So many bargains, so little time!  Your consumer rights aren’t affected during the summer sales, read on to see what you can and can’t do.

Sales items bought in store

Normal consumer rights remain the same during the sales. This means you have NO automatic right to return items simply because you don’t like them.

Larger stores with nationwide branches tend to be more flexible and allow exchanges or returns even if you’ve changed your mind.

Watch out though with clothes for special occasions, such as partywear. There may be different rules to avoid people wearing items once and returning.

Returns are normally refunded by the same method of payment. If you paid by card you’ll get a credit on your next statement.

Smaller stores may put up signs saying no returns during sales periods, check before you buy. Even if a sign is visible, this does not affect faulty items as these can always be returned.

National / regional regulations in Spain

Sales items should have been sold at a higher price prior to the sales commencing. Labels must show the previous price and the new reduced price.

During the sales period regional inspectors carry out checks on stores to ensure that they comply with the rules (but fines tend to be small for non-compliance).

Regional authorities can decide the start and end date of the sales period. However the impact of e-commerce means that legislation aimed at bricks and mortar stores is often of little relevance nowadays.


Warranties are not affected by the price of the product, and neither are any post-sales services.


Use the official claims form. Stores cannot refuse to give you one. If they do just tell them you’ll inform the local police office to deal with the issue, this tends to be enough for them to hand over a form!

Buying Online

Online you automatically get a 14-day “cooling off period” meaning you can return clothing or shoes just because you don’t like them to get a full refund. Find out all you need to know in our guide.

If you find it hard to resist a bargain, buying online is a great way to ensure you can return items (no questions asked!)

Avoid paying for return postage/courier by checking if the company allows free returns (they send a courier) or directly in one of their stores.


In order to save money, make a list of the items you really need. It’s easy to be swayed by attractive bargains which never get used. Don’t forget to keep all your receipts just in case!