The Apple Challenge – Cheap(er) iPads & iPhones?

save_spendWe decided to set ourselves the task of finding out how to save on iPads, iPhones and Macs given that Apple controls the pricing of all their products. Sometimes the savings are tiny, but if you’re really don’t want to buy another brand here are our suggestions.

Which Model and Version?

Think about whether you really need the latest model and the top version. If not, prices are more economical for older models, lower GB or versions without the retina display, as stores want to sell their excess stock. You can find previous models whilst stocks last at the Apple online store and in stores such as MediaMark, Fnac and El Corte Inglés. Prices for older models drop quicker when new models come out, but remember that launch dates for new Apple products in Spain don’t always coincide with other countries.

Get an Education Discount

If you work in the education industry or have kids who’re still studying, take advantage of Apple’s special offers for the education sector. For example, save up to 94€ on a MacBook Air 11”, 110€ on a MacBook Pro Retina Display or 92€ on an iMac 21.5” screen.

In order to be eligible for a discount you must belong to one of the following groups:

  • A university student (either already studying or admitted to university)
  • Parent of a university student
  • Teacher or other employee working in education (not limited to universities)

Remember that education discounts are only available directly from Apple and not from third party sellers and most items are limited to one per school year. Apple may request documentation justifying that you qualify for the education discount.

What About Refurbished Items?

Take a look on Apple’s Spain site at their refurbished iPads, laptops and computers. All items come with a 1-year guarantee and savings of around a third on the original price. Stocks vary, so if you don’t see anything you like check back a couple of weeks later.

There are also websites in Spain where you can buy (and sell) used Apple products such as Manzanas Usadas (Used Apples). On this website to avoid potential problems all sellers have to include the serial number of the item for sale and buyers can try an item for five days, after which if they’re not completely satisfied they can return it free of charge. Alternatively you can take a look at second hand sites such as Segundamano or eBay.

Take Out 0% Finance

Interest-free finance over 12 months is available when purchasing at the Apple online store, minimum purchase 400€. All you have to do is choose “financiación” when ordering online. Financing is available for any individual client, including at the education store, subject to acceptance by the financing company.

What About an iPhone / iPad with A Data Contract?

Think twice before you opt for a mobile package contract with a high monthly tariff just to get a cheaper iPhone or iPad – you may end up paying considerably more. Calculate how much the option would cost over a 24-month period with different mobile suppliers and compare with buying an iPhone / iPad and contracting a cheaper data package.

If All Else Fails…

But if you really must have the latest model, it’s not easy to get a reduction on Apple’s prices. When stores in Spain have their “sales tax free days” Apple products are sometimes excluded, you’ll need to check the terms and conditions for each store – Media Markt does include Apple products but stocks are limited.

Apple offers you the chance via their Recycling Programme to collect at home your old Apple product and, if it can be reused, they’ll send you a transfer to your bank account.

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