Book Streaming with Nubico

books-in-spainIf you, or your kids, read books in Spanish then you’ll probably be interested in Nubico. Created by Telefonica and Circulo de Lectores, Nubico has launched a book streaming platform that, for the same price as buying a book per month, currently gives you access to over 4000 titles.

What Is It?

On the one hand Nubico could be seen as just another ebook retailer, however they’ve taken a look at Spotify’s music streaming business model and decided to apply it to books too. For people who sign up to the Nubico Premium package at 8.99€ per month, you can read any book from their catalogue on up to 5 different devices –  so it’s easy for different members of the family to use a single account.

How Does It Work?

Books can be read either on an ereader or you can download the free app for iOS or Android for your PC, tablet or phone. You won’t need to have a permanent internet connection as once you’ve downloaded a book you can read it offline. One of the attractive aspects of this new platform is that it’s advert-free, so you won’t have to put up with annoying ads flashing up whilst you’re engrossed in a novel.

When you download a book it’s available permanently as long as you continue to be a Nubico Premium subscriber, in other words you won’t have a time limit within which to read each book. As soon as you stop subscribing, obviously you won’t be able to access any of them.

It is estimated that book streaming could reach up to 10% of the ebook market within the next couple of years and, with this in mind, Nubico are working on adding new titles continuously in order to increase their offer.


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