How to get a Grant for a new Boiler

DIY-SpainIf you’re thinking about changing your boiler, check whether there’s a grant available in your region. Grants are non-means tested and you must be legally resident in Spain to be eligible.

In order to promote energy efficiency and decrease household expenditure, periodically regions in Spain have grant programmes in a variety of areas such as home appliances, new windows or air conditioning.

Currently grants for new boilers are available in four regions: Andalucia, Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and the Basque Country. Each region has different rules and the period during which the grants are available varies too. However, in all cases funds are limited so it’s first come, first served – if funds are used up before the end of the period then the programme will be closed early.


The regional energy agency will make a partial refund when you exchange an inefficient boiler for a condensing boiler. You’ll need to spend over 3000€ (total cost of boiler and installation) and the new boiler must obtain an energy saving greater than 20%. You can also get a grant if you exchange an oil or electric boiler to a less contaminating natural gas boiler.

You can only apply online and you’ll receive a decision as to whether you’re eligible for a grant or not. In this communication it will detail how much you´ll receive and the date by when the installation of the new boiler has to be completed. When you send in proof that you’ve paid for the boiler, in less than two months you’ll receive the grant.

The programme is open until 30 Dec 2014 and in an example online they show that a new boiler and installation costing in total 3,346€ would receive a grant of 781€.

Castilla La Mancha

Grants are available for up to 60% of the total cost of the boiler and installation (excluding sales tax). New boilers must provide an energy saving of at least 20% to be included in the programme.

All boiler installations have to be carried out by an approved company that will also be responsible for the removal of the old boiler.

Grants can be requested until 15 Oct 2014, more information is available on the official webpage where you can also find an alphabetical (by brand) list of 605 boilers included.


Only condensing boilers are included in Madrid’s programme and the grant is fixed at 150€ per installation. However in cases where 150€ would be higher than 30% of the cost, the grant will be limited to 30%.

The new boiler must have been installed after 1 Sept 2014 and you can only request a grant if payment was made by bank transfer. The programme is open until 31 Dec 2014 and you´re limited to using one of the companies included on the official webpage.

Basque Country

Grants of 200€ for installation of condensing boilers are available until 30 Nov 2014 and are limited to boilers paid for after 1 Jan 2014. In some cases additional grants may be available, although this depends on eligibility.

Full details are available on the official webpage where you can also find the forms that have to be filled in online.


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