Buying and Selling Secondhand Clothes Online in Spain

spanish-fashion-offersThe recession has led to new opportunities for buying and selling quality children’s and adults’ secondhand clothes, footwear and accessories in Spain. We checked a couple of the biggest websites to see how they work.

Percentil – Children’s Clothes

This website buys and sells children’s branded clothes, with articles around 70% cheaper than in stores. All clothing received by the company is checked before appearing on the website and the approximate original price is shown next to the Percentil selling price, this way you can get an idea of the saving if you’re looking to buy.

When you order items they’re delivered in 1-3 days, but only to mainland Spain. Delivery is free for orders over 39€, or 3€ if you spend less, and returns are free of charge (home pick-up).

If you see an item on their website that says “con etiqueta” this means that the original price label is still on, in other words clothing that hasn’t been worn. In order to make sure that you get details on the latest items on sale, it’s a good idea to sign up for their newsletter.

If you want to sell your children’s secondhand clothes, use the following checklist first:

  • No underwear, pyjamas, swimwear or home-made items.
  • No items with the interior label removed nor personalised items (eg with name). Items cannot be personalised outside (such as embroidered names) nor inside (written on label).
  • Only clothing from the last four seasons will be accepted for sale.
  • Must be washed and in excellent condition.
  • Ages 0-12 years only.

You need to request a Percentil bag, place the clothing inside (minimum 10 articles) and they’ll arrange for it to be picked up free from your home. The company will then value the items and pay you; you can expect to receive around 20%-40% of the sales price shown online at Percentil.

In you don’t agree with the valuation of the clothing, or for any other reason you want some of the items returned, a 6€ admin charge will be levied. Any secondhand clothes that can’t be sold will be donated to the charity Cáritas.

Reviews seen on other blogs in Spain about Percentil have been very favourable


You can always try the main Spanish websites Segundamano or Mil Anuncios for secondhand clothes. However remember that when buying from private sellers on these websites you have no guarantees about the quality or authenticity of the items being sold. Another website to look at is eBay – take a look at our post for tips (link below).


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