Supermarket Promos & Special Offers

Most people in Spain will have a local Carrefour or Alcampo and, although these two are amongst the cheapest they’re not always going to beat your local smaller supermarket. Chains such as Hipercor can also work out worthwhile when there are offers on. Lidl, on the other hand, has weekly offers that are very cheap – just sign up for their newsletter for details. Having a loyalty card can often mean that you always use the same store, but loyalty doesn’t always pay! Below you can see a round up of different major supermarkets in Spain and don’t forget to read up on Supertruper below, a useful app for price checking.

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[tab title=”Alcampo“]Current offers can be seen in their online brochures. The Alcampo card works as both a loyalty card and a debit or credit card, but we suggest that you pay off in full each month to avoid interest on your purchases.[/tab]
[tab title=”Carrefour“]You can get 8% off petrol/diesel at Carrefour petrol stations (more than 100 across Spain), however you’ll need a loyalty card (Tarjeta Carrefour Club) as the discount is returned on your quarterly cheque.

You can get a Carrefour Club card online or at your local store, with it you get 1% back on what you spend every quarter. Also take a look at the Carrefour Pass Visa card – you’ll get cashback on all your purchases, not just at Carreforu.

[tab title=”Eroski“]Eroski also has stores across Spain, and offers free delivery with all online orders of over 140€ as long as you pay with their Eroski Red card. The Eroski Red card is free and when you request one online you’ll get a voucher for 6€ to spend at their supermarkets.

Check Eroski’s catalogues online to see what offers are on this month.[/tab]

[tab title=”Opencor“]Not at the cheap end, but with local stores offering ample opening hours they can be a convenient place to pick up whatever you’ve forgotten. If you do tend to use your local Opencor store, make sure you register for their newsletter to get a 6€ voucher for your next purchase also over 30€. [/tab]

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[tab title=”Hipercor“]Given the current economic climate, and knowing that Hipercor is seen to be at the higher end of supermarket pricing, they have decided to lower the price on over 5000 products. Hipercor says that this is not a promo but a permanent reduction, we reckon it’s still a good idea to compare.

You can check their current catalogues online to see if prices are cheaper than where you usually shop. [/tab]
[tab title=”Mercadona“]Mercadona offer the possibility to shop online, but delivery is limited to a 10km radius. Mercadona‘s website is available in English and it allows for personalised shopping lists. Their home brand “Hacendado” is usually rated as one of the better quality ones.[/tab]
[tab title=”Supertruper“]Not a supermarket, but an app that allows you to scan barcodes and see where you can find the cheapest supermarket products in Spain. Supertruper is available in English and you can create lists to see where the whole list would be more economical to buy rather than individual items.[/tab]