Media Markt Promo: All-You-Can-Get Free!

competitions_in_spainOnce again Media Markt are holding their “El Gran Sinpa” promo: one lucky winner will get the chance to spend 2 minutes in a store to take all they can free.

Who Can Enter?

This promo is open to anyone who spends 25€ or more at any Media Markt store or via their website between 8 Jun and 31 Aug 2015. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the MediaMarkt app.
  2. Register with your email address.
  3. For online purchases make sure your email address is the same as the email registered on the app.
  4. For purchases in store, upload your scanned receipt(s) in the “Mis Compras” section (my purchases).
  5. Register the purchase online here on the tab “Registrate Aqui
  6. Wait to see if you’re the lucky winner.

¡El Gran Sinpa!

The term “sinpa” is slang for “sin pagar” – in other words to do a runner without paying!

The winner will have 120 seconds to race around the store, pick up items and place them at a designated point, being able to pick up and deposit articles as many times as possible in this timeframe. Any items not placed at the designated point, even if held in the winner’s hands, won’t be included. The winner won’t be allowed to move goods by any other means, such as trolleys, baskets, etc.

The event will be held at a Media Markt store on the Spanish mainland and the company will pay for travel and hotel expenses (from any other town in Spain). Alternatively the winner can designate a person to take his/her place if they have a valid excuse not to take part .

What’s In The Small Print?

Checking the small print, we’ve noticed the following that may be of interest:

  • You won’t have the right to enter the competition with these purchases: gift vouchers or downloads (music or video games).
  • The draw will take place during the seven days after the closing date (31 Aug), overseen by a notary, and will be comprised of a list with a winner and 9 substitute winners (in case the main winner doesn’t want to, or isn’t able to, take part).
  • You must be able to present the original receipt of the article you bought (or online order confirmation) giving you the right to take part in the contest.

And finally you need to know that you’ll be filmed and probably shown on TV!