Special Discounts For Families with 3 or More Children in Spain

In Spain any family that has three or more children is entitled to many benefits ranging from discounts on travel, at theme parks, free museum entry, help with schooling costs and much more. Although some benefits depend on where you live, most are nationwide and you’ll need to get a Familia Numerosa card.

Companies often consider larger families as a niche market and offer special promotions for any Familia Numerosa card holder, other companies only offer discounts through the Spanish Large Families Federation. We’ve covered both below.

How Do I Get These Discounts?

First of all you’ll have to request a “Familia Numerosa” card. No-one likes bureaucracy but it’s definitely worthwhile taking the trouble as all these benefits are valid until your oldest child is 21, and if they’re in full-time education then the validity will be extended until the child is 25. Additionally the child(ren) must depend economically on their parent(s) or have earnings below the statutory minimum wage level.

There are two categories of “familia numerosa”:

  • Special: Families with 5 or more children (or 4 children if the family includes triplets or multiple adoptions)
  • General: Families with 3 or more children (or 2 children if single parent is a widow(er) or one child has a disability)

In order to get a card, see the list here for where to apply in your region. Regarding paperwork that has to be presented, don’t worry if you don’t have a Spanish “family book” (Libro de Familia) as you can present your children’s birth certificates.

What Benefits Come With The Card?

Here is a list of some of the more popular discounts:

  • National rail travel: 20% off Renfe tickets with General Card and 50% off with Special Card.
  • National air travel in Spain with Iberia: 5% off with General Card and 10% off with Special Card.
  • Store and supermarket savings: Carrefour VAT reduction for card holders.
  • Reductions on taxes, eg when buying a car with 5 or more seats then the “impuesto de matriculación” is reduced by 50%.
  • Discount on annual IBI tax. The exact amount is decided by each Ayuntamiento in Spain, so you’ll need to check locally. The discount depends on the registered value of the house and on family income, as examples in Madrid discounts range from 4% to 90% and in Málaga or Barcelona it’s 50%.
  • Preferential access to grants (university fees) and reduction on the cost of school text books (need to check regionally).
  • Discounted or free entry to museums, auditoriums and theatres (state owned).
  • Reduced prices at theme parks, zoos, etc (check conditions).
  • MRW courier offers 1 courier service per month (one parcel) to Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar or Andorra for only 5,49€ (+ 1€ for charity). Weight limit 5 k (or 2k for Balearic or Canary Islands).

The Spanish Large Families Federation (FEFN)

The FEFN is a not-for-profit organization that charges an annual fee of around 30€ to join. However, they offer members many more ways to save than by simply having the official Familia Numerosa card such as:

  • Between 20%-25% off a selection of items each month at Hipercor.
  • Discounts at Fiat, Ssang Yong, Lancia, Opel, VW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Renault, Dacia and Land Rover
  • 4 cents per litre saving at Galp
  • Discount of 7% at Eroski travel agency
  • Discounts with several insurance companies
  • 10% off at McDonalds

There are lots more discounts that can be seen on their website.

MSS Tips

It’s definitely worthwhile taking the trouble to get both these cards. Don’t forget when you’ve got them to make sure you ask wherever you go if they have any special deals for large families.


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