Special Discounts For Families

There are lots of ways that families living in Spain can save money, and to be eligible there’s no need to have lots of kids. Find out what help, discounts and rebates you could receive.

Who are the discounts for?

In order to be able to receive help and grants, you need to apply for the “Título de Familia Numerosa” (large family accreditation). There are different types of “large families”, including:

  • One or two parents with three or more children (the children do not have to be of both parents).
  • One or two parents with two children (the children do not have to be of both parents) when one of the children has a disability official recognised as 33% or higher.
  • A single parent with three or more children, even if one or more of the children lives in a different household, providing that all the children depend economically on the single parent.
  • Additional types exist for orphans and children of parents with disabilities.

The economic advantages of having the accreditation will remain in force until the youngest child reaches the age of 21, or 26 if they are in full time education.

How can you request the accreditation?

Each region deals with applications separately, either online or via an appointment to visit the corresponding office. It’s recommended to check online the requirements regarding documents required; EU citizens legally resident in Spain will need to supply a series of documents including legal translations with the Hague Apostille.

Once your application is approved you’ll receive a card that shows the expiry date. All other family members that have their own NIE number can also request an individual card.

In some regions there’s an app available where you can receive up to date info on the benefits associated with the card.

What help, grants, benefits and discounts are available for card holders?

Some of the benefits are available at national level and others are regional or local.

At national level:

  • 1000€ for the birth of a child, based on income and number of children.
  • Deductions on annual tax return.
  • Discounts on entrance to national museums.
  • Discounts of between 20-50% on national bus and train routes.
  • 10% discount on national flights.
  • 50% off university enrolment, exam fees and other education costs.
  • Reduction in car registration tax for large cars (5 or more seats).
  • Reduction in Social Security dues if the family has to contract childcare in the home.

At regional or local level (not available at all locations, check locally):

  • Increased deductions on annual tax return.
  • Reduction on annual IBI tax – in some areas the reduction is over 50%
  • Reduced public transport costs.
  • Reductions on water bills.
  • Discounts at local sports installations.

Check your local Ayuntamiento website for more info.

Discounts with private companies

Several companies offer discounts in Spain for families that can show their “large family” accreditation card, but sometimes you’ll just have to ask as they may not advertise the offers.

Carrefour offers a discount equivalent to sales tax (IVA) on fresh produce along with other benefits. Ask at your local Carrefour about how to get their Superfamilias card.

Discounts can often be found at Imaginarium toy stores or Gocco and Neck & Neck clothing stores. Remember that sales assistants may not be aware of the discounts, so it may be a good idea to check online with the company first.

There are several national organisations for large families that have agreements with companies, car dealers, insurance companies and more for members only; take a look at FEFN (a not-for-profit association for large families) for more info. Check out the annual fee to see whether the benefits you’ll receive will outweigh what you’d need to pay every year.

MSS Tips

For those members of the family under 31, getting a Youth Card is a great way to save money. More info available here.

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