Freebies for New Mums in Spain

mums-spainBrands are willing to give away lots of freebies in order to get their products out to new mums. But where do you find these free items? We’ve rounded up information about the best available.

First of all you can get a free gift set (canastilla) from several supermarkets or websites. These sets come with a variety of items for new mums, and it’s well worth registering for all of them. As your details will probably end up on mailing lists, to avoid being spammed it’s a good idea to set up an email address just for these companies or simply unsubscribe after a few months.

Let’s Family

If you’re pregnant or have a baby under 5 months old, you can request a gift set from Let’s Family that will be delivered when your baby is 4 to 6 months old. You’ll need to register on their website, the photo shown on the page is just an example of products that could be included.

Todo Papás

On their dedicated website, simply choose your region in Spain, a pick-up point (the list includes most Toys R Us stores) and your email address. You’ll receive a message in order to confirm your details and then a voucher to take along to collect the gift set. Each month different articles are available, however sets are limited to one per person. When you pick up the gift set make sure that you take along some identification as the voucher will have your name on it.

El Corte Ingles

In order to get your gift set you’ll have to register and attend a talk given in one of the centres shown on the list on their website.


You’ll need to have a Caprabo loyalty card and request your gift set before your baby is 2 months old. Once you’ve sent your request you have 15 days to collect the gift set from your chosen Caprabo supermarket.

Hiperber Supermarkets (Alicante region)

You’ll need to have a Hiperber loyalty card and fill in the form available in store along with a copy and original of your identification document. The supermarket will send your gift set to your home address, however remember that you can only request it before your baby is one-month old.

More Freebies

6 months free subscription to Mi Bebé y Yo magazine. The magazine is in Spanish, but it’s worthwhile subscribing as normally you’ll also get more freebies.

Nestle offer a free teddy bear for mums with babies up to 24-months. You’ll also get samples of Nestle cereals and other products depending on the age of your baby. There’s one page to register on if you’re pregnant and another one for mums.

Register at Carrefour’s “Hacerse Grande” website and you’ll receive a free gift. You can also ask for a form to register at any Carrefour supermarket.

Club Hero Baby offers several freebies depending on the age of your baby including a blanket, jigsaw, interactive DVD and a toy basket as well as Hero Baby food samples.

Dodot I Love U Baby baby wipes free sample.

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