13 Ways to Find Free Books

Even though books are considerably cheaper than they used to be, it’s still great to be able to find free books online. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular sites and a few lesser-known ones too.

1. Project Gutenberg

With over 50,000 free books including Kindle and epub formats, at Project Gutenberg there’s something for everyone. In the smallprint it does say that the books can be freely used in the United States but that readers in other countries should check copyright laws before downloading.

2. Amazon

To find free books at Amazon, just type free ebooks in the search bar at Amazon UK or Amazon Spain to find this week’s freebies. Remember that you don’t need a Kindle device to download the books, just get the app on your tablet, computer or smartphone.

Many authors make their first novels in a series permanently free on Amazon. They do this to get readers hooked (and buy their other books). Take a look at series in different genres to find freebies.

3. Goodreads

At Goodreads there are lots of free titles, although some are excepts (shown clearly when you download).

4. Open Library

Over 1 million free ebook titles available and you can also add a book to the Open Library resource centre. Some titles can be borrowed – take a look at the Lending Library.

5. WikiSource

Over 360,000 texts in English, 110,000 in Spanish and many more in other languages. Search by author, subject or randomly to see what’s available.

6. Free eBooks

Choose by category for free ebooks in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Several formats are available for most books, but you’ll need to register (fill in details online or via Facebook) to get full access.

7. Many Books

50,000+ books and all free. Browse by genre, or check out their “book of the month”. Visit Many Books for more info.

8. BookBoon

At BookBoon you can find business and text books in several languages free to download, you won’t need to register either.

9. International Children’s Digital Library

Everything for kids is here: the best of children’s literature from around the world. Visit the ICDL website and browse by featured books, award-winning titles and recently added literary gems.

10. Kobo

Lots of freebies available at Kobo, but mixed in with paid titles too so check before you click.

11. EU Bookshop

Yes, it does have boring EU publications but the EU Bookshop also gives you access to maps, infographics, guides and more. Some items are for download only, but others will be posted to you free of charge (to EU addresses only).

12. LibriVox

Get free public domain audiobooks at LibriVox read by volunteers. You can listen to the audiobooks on different devices or copy onto a CD. Why not volunteer to become a LibriVox reader?

13. GooglePlay

Free books in English and Spanish in different genres available at GooglePlay. Watch out as some downloads are just the first chapter.

Extra: Try Your Local Library

What better place to get free books than your local library? Most libraries in Spain have a small selection of books available in English, if you want a popular title you could try requesting it.

Additionally many libraries offer ebooks and audiobooks in Spanish that you can usually borrow for 2 weeks – a great way to improve your language skills!

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