New Year, New Prices!

newsOften January brings with it several price hikes, which added to the bill left over from the holiday festivities can make it a difficult month. Read on to see which prices have gone up, which have gone down and those that won’t change.

Income Tax

If you earn a wage in Spain, from 1 Jan 2015 income tax will be reduced. Additionally those who earn under 12,000€ / year will not be taxed.

From this year income tax rates on your wage slip will be applied with two decimal points, rather than rounding up to the nearest whole number.

Toll Roads

For the first time in the last five years toll roads will not have their prices increased, except for the R3, R4 and R5 around Madrid. In some cases there will be discounts on toll roads when traffic is light.


From 1 Jan sales tax (IVA) on flowers will be reduced from 21% to 10%. In reality this is just a return to the situation in September 2012 when many products, including flowers, had their sales tax rates increased.

It remains to be seen whether this reduction will be passed on to the final customer or not.

Train Fares

Local and mid-distance train fares will increase by an average of 1.85%, however long-distance and AVE train fares will not alter. Municipal transport in Madrid and Barcelona will continue at the same rates as 2014.

Postage Stamps

Stamps will increase by a big 10.5% – a historical increase.


For those on the Government regulated tariff (TUR) there’s no change.


Households with a gas supply will see tariffs reduced by 3.3%, for those that use bottled gas the price will remain at 17.5€ per bottle until April when the next review takes place.

Airport Tax

Taxes levied on flight tickets will be frozen from March. Airlines that increase their traffic or create new routes to and from Spain will have a reduction applied to the airport taxes, however this may or may not be passed on to the customer.

Landlines (Fixed Charge)

Telefonica has decided to maintain the price of the fixed charge during 2015.


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