Grants in Spain for New Cars 2020

A grants programme for the purchase of new cars has been launched for 2020. Anyone who is legally resident in Spain is eligible to apply, read on for more details.

The Spanish Government has set aside 250 million euros for grants in a scheme called Plan Moves II. This time it includes newer petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as electric and hybrids.

Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds last. The amount you’ll receive is based on the type of vehicle and purchaser (private buyers, self-employed or companies).

Who can request a grant?

In order to be eligible you need to be legally resident in Spain and have a NIE number. Self employed people or those with a company in Spain will have to supply additional paperwork to show that they are up-to-date with their fiscal obligations.

You will also have to scrap your used vehicle, which must be at least 10 years old.

Car dealers should be able to arrange all the paperwork and, depending on the region, they may be able to check whether funding is still available.

What type of vehicles are included?

Cars must have CO2 emissions below 120 gr/km and be classed as C, ECO o CERO (Spanish Traffic Directorate classifications). Additionally the car can only cost up to 35,000€ (C and ECO) or up to 45,000€ (CERO and cars for people with limited mobility).

Both new and km0 cars are included. Car dealers can tell you which new models are included. Km0 cars (registered by the dealer in 2020) will vary by location, so shop around.

What discount will you get?

For private buyers state grants range from 400€ to 4000€. The car dealership, or manufacturer, must also provide an equivalent discount except in the case of electric and plug-in hybrids where it’s limited to 1000€. This means that, in total, you could get a grant of between 800€ to 5000€. 

If the vehicle that you send to scrap is over 20 years old you’ll receive an extra 500€.

Essential need-to-knows

For this year’s programme for private buyers:

  1. You must have a car to scrap that is over 10 years old and
  2. It must have been in your name (or a first-degree relative) at least for the last 12 months and
  3. It must have a valid ITV (technical inspection document).

If you’re thinking of buying an electric car…

Even though the purchase of electric cars is included in the scheme, some areas of Spain don’t have many charging stations. However things are changing, if you just tend to move around your local area and can charge your car at home, it might be a good idea to think about buying one.

The basic questions to ask yourself when considering buying an electric or plug-in hybrid car are:

  • Do you have access to off-street parking?
  • Is your daily car usage below 160 km?
  • Are you thinking of buying a new car anyway?

Recharging will cost approximately 3€ (depending on your tariff).

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