Where to Find Cheaper Petrol and Diesel

The Spanish fuel market is heavily concentrated with just a few major brands and little price competition. Not all Spanish regions have low cost petrol stations, making it even harder to save money. Take a look at our tips on how to pay less when filling your car.


Any petrol company that already has 30% of the market in a province in Spain is not allowed to open any more petrol stations in that area, but this hasn’t affected the existing situation.

You’ll find practically the same prices at Repsol, Cepsa and BP. It’s hardly surprising, together they control over 70% of the market.

Added to this, Spanish consumer organisations are not in favour of unmanned low cost petrol stations. Some regions in Spain have banned them outright.

Cheapest options: #1 your local supermarket

The number of petrol stations located at Carrefour, Alcampo and Eroski are increasing, as well as at smaller regional supermarkets.

At Carrefour you get 8% back on your Carrefour loyalty card. Even if you don’t usually shop there it might be worthwhile getting a free Carrefour Club Card.

Other supermarkets offer low fuel prices to attract people to shop at their stores and may offer additional discounts or promos.

Cheapest options: #2 low cost / independent petrol stations (limited locations)

Self-service locations with no extras, and normally no personnel. Prices range from 5 to 10 cents/litre lower than average market prices.

Don’t expect loyalty cards, a shop or a car wash. Many locations do not offer premium fuel.

To find a low cost petrol station near you, Google “gasolinera low cost (your location)”.


In Spain CLH Group oversees the storage, transport and distribution of fuel to the whole country and establishes minimum fuel standards.

Hence fuel sold at supermarkets or independent petrol stations is not of lower quality. Given the ongoing confusion, many locations have opted to clearly state which brand supplies their fuel, look for signs saying e.g. “Supplied by Repsol”.

To justify higher prices, big brands say that their fuels contain additives to optimise engine performance.

Loyalty cards

All major petrol stations offer free loyalty cards with discounts. Some of these are directly linked to a credit card with a yearly fee that may wipe out the savings:

  • Repsol Visa card offers a 3 cents/litre direct discount on fuel at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor. The card is only free the first year unless you meet a minimum threshold of litres purchased. Additionally the Repsol Mas programme offers fuel discount vouchers when you shop at major stores, including:
    • Amazon or El Corte Ingles: Get 8% back in fuel vouchers
    • Decathlon: 10%
    • MediaMarkt: 6%
  • Cepsa Loyalty Card “Porque Tu Vuelves” has a points system, 1 litre= 5 points, increased by 40% when you use your local petrol station. Buy in their stores and you’ll get 15 points per euro spend. Accumulate 1000 points to get a 1€ discount.  Note that Carrefour also offers 4% cashback on your Carrefour loyalty card if you use Cepsa petrol stations.
  • BP PremierPlus offers a basic 3 cents/litre discount, higher discounts are available for more litres purchased. Discounts are not direct but accumulated in a monthly voucher. Vouchers are limited to 24€/ month, you have 2 months to use them. Register online to exchange points for each litre purchased for gifts and discount vouchers from their catalogue.
  • Shell Club Smart gives 200 welcome points when you request their card. Each litre of fuel equals one point, exchange points for gifts from their catalogue.
  • Galp Fast offers 1 or 2 points per litre depending on the type of fuel purchased. Galp also has a number of additional benefits with companies such as Orange, Mapfre or Asisa. Exchange points for discounts on fuel or gifts from their catalogue.

Use the official website or an app

The Industry Ministry offers a website in English that shows fuel prices, (if link opens Spanish version, you’ll need to click on “welcome” at the top of the page to change the language). For current prices filter as follows:

  • Select petrol station
  • Choose your province
  • Choose your town
  • Select the type of fuel (the list also includes home heating fuels)
  • Select “retail”
  • Check the boxes for “most economical P.S.” (petrol station). Additional, if you live in a big city you can also put in your address and/or postcode.

You can also use their mobile version for when you’re on the move.

If you’re looking for an app, take a look at:

  • Gasolineras España
  • Gasolina y Diesel España
  • GasAll: Gasolineras España
  • Gasolineras baratas