Sell Your Used Phones or Gadgets & Donate To A Good Cause

phonesThere are lots of companies that will buy your used mobile phones and other used gadgets, but you may not be aware that you can also donate a percentage (or all) of what you receive to charity. Read on to see what they accept, how their programmes work and how you can save on your taxes if you’re resident in Spain.

Mobile Phones

Eureka Movil will buy your used mobile phone and allows you to choose the percentage you wish to donate to the Spanish Red Cross, Amnesty International or Oxfam. Remember that older mobiles will probably only be worth a couple of euros, in these cases you might decide to donate the whole amount.

According to the Eureka Movil website, 75% of the phones they receive are repaired and sent to developing countries, the other 25% are broken up to use as spare parts or recycled.

Alternatively you can donate your phone by posting it. Printed envelopes are available at Correos (Post Office) or you can print a pre-paid label and stick it on any envelope.

You should only send the phone and its battery, no other accessories should be included, and don’t forget to clear all the phone memory before posting, including photos and data.

Electronic Gadgets

If you donate your used electronic gadgets to Revita, they will pass over a percentage to charity. Items accepted include: PDAs, laptops, GPS, TFT screens and CPUs (Pentium IV or higher).

When Revita collects your items (free of charge) they will first of all clear all remaining data, although it’s always a good idea to do this yourself beforehand just in case. Equipment that is still in good working order will be sent to developing countries and, in this way, their useful life is extended. Items that can’t be used any longer will be dismantled for spares and recycling.

Revita, which is present in the UK, Spain and Portugal, has an agreement with the Red Cross and other NGOs and donates a part of its income to these organizations.

Pay Less Tax

If your donation is higher than 20€, you can request a Donation Certificate to use with your tax return to pay less tax in Spain. If you sell your mobile via Eureka Movil, just remember to mark the corresponding box – your details will be passed on to Entreculturas who will send the Certificate. If you donate via Revita, more information on the Donation Certificate is available from or call 983 393 907. Both companies and individuals are eligible to request certificates.