Never Pay Full Price Again

low-price-spainSave big bucks by making sure you never pay full price again. A few simple tips and tricks will mean you’ll have more in your pocket to spend on life’s little luxuries. And don’t forget that you can probably get those cheaper too!


Out of 365 days a year, mattresses tend to be on offer for 300 days. Don’t be the one who gets caught out paying full price.

As well as local specialist bed stores, check out Carrefour and Hipercor for regular 50% off promos.

Unless you’re absolutely sure about what you’re buying, don’t purchase online. Try mattresses out first for comfort as you spend around a third of your day asleep – if you have teenagers still at home then they’ll probably spend double that!

By the way, most Ikea mattresses come with a 25-year guarantee and with a one-year money-back promise if you’re not happy (refund given as a gift card, need to show original receipt).

Book Early

Travelling by train? Book before the day to get a discount; surcharges are applied to medium and long distance tickets bought at the train station.

Even just buying a return ticket, rather than two singles, gets you a 20% discount.

More discounts on Renfe trains for over-60’s, a table-sharing tariff (2 pairs of facing seats), families with 3 or more kids. More info can be found in our article Travel by Train in Spain.

Visiting a theme park, museum or tourist attraction? Check out our exclusive discount with Tixalia and for locations that Tixalia doesn’t include yet, check online rather than buying tickets on the day you visit.

For flights set up price alerts on Momondo or Skyscanner for your chosen routes if you’re not ready to book yet. Even better, take a look at Google Flights with their great tips for swapping days or routes to save money.

The Weekly Shop

Discount coupons are the shopper’s best friends. Major brands such as Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Danone and Unilever all offer discount coupons in Spain, just register online and print.

If you use Carrefour regularly, take a look at the different discount cards available.

His “n” Her Fragrances

With prices at well over 50€ for top brand fragrances, have you ever though of trying a smell-alike?

Although not officially sold as copies, Equivalenza stores around Spain sell fragrances for under 20€, many of which are hard to tell from the originals.

Another idea is to wait until after the big fragrance selling days of the year: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/ Father’s Day and Christmas when stores will be selling off overstocked box sets.

Compare Online Before You Shop

Maybe you hate the thought of buying online, but that’s not to stop you from comparing prices. Before you go shopping take 10 minutes at home to check out prices on Amazon, El Corte Ingles, Worten, Media Markt, Fnac and Carrefour.

When you’re in a bricks-and-mortar store, carry out a quick check on your smartphone to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Tip: For big items don’t forget to factor in delivery costs.

Sign-up For Newsletters

Yes they clog up your inbox, but signing up for newsletters is a great way for newbies to get money off vouchers.

Already signed up and used your discount? Get your partner / neighbour / friend to sign-up with a different email address.

Leave Your Shopping Cart

No, not in the middle of the supermarket!

When shopping online register first and shop, but before it comes to paying just leave the website.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get an email with a discount to entice you to go back and finish your purchase, but it only takes a couple of minutes to try.

Ask For a Discount

This tip isn’t for introverts, but if your Spanish is OK you could always try asking for a discount.

Button missing on a shirt? Small dent or scratch on a new washing machine? Damaged packaging on electronics?

These are all valid reasons to try and haggle a discount. No discount offered? Walk away and buy elsewhere. Why should you pay full price for damaged goods?

Never Buy the Latest Model

When the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone comes out, people queue for hours to get one. Do they have money to burn?

If you love tech you’ll know that when new models come out you can buy the previous one a bit cheaper.

Some stores also sell phones, tablets and laptops slightly cheaper without their original packaging. Who needs a brand new box anyway?

And you can always take a look at refurbished items at Amazon (and check their outlet too).


Yes, there’s nothing like the smell of a new book. Well, how about the smell of crisp new unused euros notes in your wallet?

Visit one of the many second hand bookstores across Spain where many people offload their books before moving back to their home country.

Or make the move to e-books. An e-book generally costs around 70% less than a paperback. Plus you’ll save on furniture by not needing any more bookcases.

There are plenty of places where you can find free books online to download legally – take a look at our dedicated post at the link.