Buy New Tyres and Get Up To 50€ Back

tyres-spainGoodyear have their Spring 2014 promotion on which offers a pre-loaded debit card with up to 50€ credit when you buy at least two tyres. Read on to see how the promo works.


When you buy Goodyear tyres, makes sure that along with your receipt you request an invoice and the promotional coupon. The amount of the pre-loaded debit card will be calculated as follows:

  • 15€ when you buy two 16″ tyres
  • 30€ when you buy four 16″ tyres
  • 25€ when you buy two 17″ or higher tyres
  • 50€ when you buy four 17″ or higher tyres

Tyres must have been bought between 17 Mar and 18 May 2014 (both dates inclusive).

Then you’ll have to visit their website and enter your details, attach a copy of the invoice in either jpg or pdf format and the code shown on the promo coupon you picked up. The debit card will then be sent to your home address.

On the Goodyear promo site it states that pre-loaded debit cards will be sent to all those who register purchases until a limit of 100.000€ is reached.


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