Spanish Registered Car? New Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV)

In May a new ITV with more stringent testing has been introduced. This applies to all vehicles with Spanish plates. Take a look at what’s changed.

Which Vehicles Have To Take The Test?

No changes here. Car owners with Spanish plates must take their vehicles to an authorised ITV service for the first time 4 years after purchase.

Inspections are then every 2 years until the car is 10 years old when they pass to yearly inspections.

Vehicles Imported From EU Countries

Before: Any car imported from an EU country had to take the Spanish ITV. These inspections had a higher price than for Spanish registered vehicles.

Now: ITV equivalent inspections from all EU countries will be accepted in Spain, as long as the inspection was undertaken in accordance with the law in the country where the vehicle was originally registered.

Take ITV Up To One Month Before Due Date

Passing the ITV late can mean you’ll be fined, but sometimes the due date may not be convenient. You’ll now be able to take your vehicle up to one month before the due date but the next ITV date won’t be brought forward.

Example for an ITV due date on 30 May:

Before: Taking your car on 20 May meant “losing” 10 days because the next inspection would still be on 30 May.

Now: Take your vehicle from 1 May onwards and the following inspection will still be on 30 May.

Retaking The Inspection In Other Location

Before: if your vehicle didn’t pass the inspection, once the anomalies were corrected you had to go back to the same location to repeat the testing.

Now: you can take your car to a different location for the second test, but it must still be within the established timeframe.

Note that the timeframe for getting your car in shape to pass the ITV if it fails the first time varies by region. Check the paperwork, normally you’ll have a couple of months. The second inspection may be free or at a reduced price, once again it depends on the region in Spain.

Direct Connection to OBD

ITV services should now have new equipment to read vehicle on-board diagnostics systems (for those licenced after 2006). This will help detect any possible manipulation and will enable the car’s history to be stored (km, chassis number, etc.).

Increased Emissions And Security Testing

New equipment at ITV locations will mean better testing of security and vehicle emissions.

What About The Cost?

There’s no news yet on whether prices will increase. In some regions in Spain the regional governments fix maximum prices, in other regions it’s the company operating the business.

We expect that with the excuse of having to buy new equipment and train personnel it will lead to slightly higher prices over the course of the year.

MSS Tips:

Some car dealers include a pre-ITV check-up with your annual car service. This may be free and could mean your vehicle passes the ITV first time. Many also offer the possibility to take your car for testing at no additional cost for you – the price of the ITV is just added to your bill.

If your car doesn’t pass first time round, shop around for the repairs required. Get written quotes for any repairs, you may find considerable differences in pricing.


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