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Home Improvements Grants in Spain

In March 2018 the Spanish Government approved the Housing Plan 2018-2021. The Royal Decree includes, amongst other things, help with home improvements. Read on to see if you could get some help towards the cost.

What Type Of Home Improvement Are Eligible for Grants?

Grants are only available for those works that will improve energy efficiency in the home. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Insulation
  • New windows
  • Electrical installation
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Sound proofing

If you take into account that around 13% of household expenses go on energy, improving efficiency can help you save money in the future.

Who Can Request A Grant?

  1. Article 7, 2. a) of the Royal Decree states “In the case of foreign nationals, these must be legally resident in Spain”.
  2. Home owners (with or without a current mortgage) with detached houses, terraced houses or houses in residential communities.
  3. Additionally Housing Communities can request grants for blocks of flats or apartments.
  4. Houses must have been constructed and finished before 1996 (previously grants were only applicable to housing built before 1981).
  5. Additionally your house must be your usual place of residence. Second homes and holiday homes are not included. You must have been resident at the address for at least one year before requesting a grant.
  6. For blocks of flats, at least 50% must be usual places of residence (owned or rented) and not holiday lets. Works can be both for exterior and interiors.

I Am Renting, Can I Get A Grant?

If you rent you can also request a grant, however investing in a home that’s not yours may be risky.

Speak with the owner first and see if you can come to some type of agreement regarding splitting the cost.

How Much Can I Get With A Grant?

For houses the maximum amount cannot exceed 12,000€, or 40% of the cost. Low income households can receive 75% of the cost.

For individual flats the limit is 8000€. For blocks of flats this amount is multiplied by the number of flats. In both cases the grant will not be more than 40% of the cost.

Another 1000€ are available for improvements to houses or buildings that are registered as Buildings of Cultural Interest (due to age or architecture).

Additional amounts will be available for improvements aimed at accessibility for those with disabilities and seniors (over 65s).

How Long Do The Works Have To Take?

Works cannot take longer than 12 months once the Municipal Licence has been issued.

This period is extended to 16 months for blocks of flats, or 18 months if over 40 flats are affected.

Works must be carried out by a company or freelance worker who can supply a full legal invoice.

How Can I Get A Grant (And More Info)?

Grants will be available regionally in Spain. Each region has been awarded a different amount that will also be put towards other aspects of the Housing Plan (such as help for young first-time buyers). Amounts include:

  • Andalucía: nearly 250 million euros
  • Murcia: 63 million euros
  • Valencia region: 164 million euros

Each region will publish information online with the details of how to request a grant. In the Royal Decree the following paperwork is mentioned for houses:

  • Proof that the house was built and finished prior to 1996 (this is available at the Land Registry).
  • Technical report (dated prior to the grant request) that clearly states how the works to be carried out will improve energy efficiency. This report must show how much less energy will be required: this reduction must be from 20% to 35%, depending on the climate in the region in Spain.
  • If required for complex works, a detailed technical report referencing the Technical Housing Code.


Several regions in Spain are taking their time with the processing and awarding of grants. However recent elections have not altered the amount that regions have available for these grants.

Remember that these grants are not guaranteed before you apply. The money is limited and may end at any time in your region, or it may end in some regions earlier than others. Don’t start major rehab works just because you think you may get a grant.

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