Discount on Translations and Interpreters

translationsNeed a translation? How about an interpreter? We’ve teamed up with Aire Traducciones in offer you a top-level translation and interpreter service with an exclusive discount for our readers.

It’s difficult to live in Spain for any length of time without needing to present an official translation of a document. Or you might just need some help with understanding a contract or other paperwork.

Typical documents that you might need translating are:

  • Qualifications certificates
  • Birth / marriage / death certificates
  • Medical history
  • CVs
  • Wills

Even if your Spanish is OK, how about when you visit the doctor or have to take a case to court? Wouldn’t it be great to have an interpreter to accompany you?

Aire Traducciones has years of experience and offers all our readers the following discount on their services:

  • 7% on translations (English to Spanish or Spanish to English)
  • 5% on interpreters

Get in touch by email at or call 915 635 252 and let them know you read about this promo on Money Save Spain to get your discount.

How to get a Discount on Translations