Frozen Food Stores & Delivery in Spain

frozen-spainIf you’re looking for an alternative to Iceland frozen food stores (or you don’t have one nearby) and your local supermarket has only a limited selection in their freezers, find out what other companies exist in Spain. Some are traditional bricks & mortar stores whilst others only offer home delivery. Frozen food stores don’t tend to be cheap, but there are some ways you can save – just read on.


Bo Frost

BoFrost covers the largest geographical area for their home delivery service (they don’t have physical stores) across the mainland and on both the Balearic and Canary Islands, with 25 different distribution points in total. Additionally they offer their catalogue in English as well as Spanish and German.

Visit their website to order a catalogue or browse it online. You can order directly online or by phone via a free call number. Payment is made upon delivery in cash or by credit card.

BoFrost has no minimum order threshold and doesn’t charge for delivery. You can save by checking which items are on promotion on their website. BoFrost also offer your money back on any item that you’re not fully satisfied with – either return any unused part of the product or if you’ve already eaten it just let them know.


Eismann is an online-only frozen food store that covers the Barcelona and Madrid areas – for other locations you’ll have to put in your postcode to see if they offer their delivery service in that area (postcode search box on home page).

Your first order has to be for a minimum of 25€, with a subsequent minimum threshold of 17€. However, in order to get free delivery you’ll have to make an order above 39€ or pay a 2.95€ charge. You can order online or by phone and pay when your items are delivered (you won’t need to give your card details over the phone).

Discounts change on a fortnightly basis and you can check their latest offers online.

If you recommend a friend who makes an order, you’ll either get a discount on your next order or free products.

La Sirena

La Sirena frozen food stores can be found in the Madrid, Catalunya and Castellón/Valencia  areas. They also have an online service with home delivery but only for areas near their stores. You can check their product catalogue online.

Special offers are available for families with 3 or more kids, with a 5% discount on all items (except those already reduced), free home delivery and additional exclusive promos. To get this all you have to do is fill in a form and send a copy of your “Familia Numerosa” card.

Check out their offers page for reductions on specific products – changes monthly.


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