Freebies with Spanish Magazines – October 2018

Maybe your Spanish is not so great, so why would you buy a Spanish magazine just to get a freebie? Well, the answer is that in many cases the value of the freebies makes it worthwhile. Read on to see what’s on offer this month.

October 2018 Freebies

This month’s best freebies come with Glamour and Woman mags. Several mags include supplements this month, but no other freebies, so we haven’t included them.

All full-size mags cost under 5€, pocket-size versions may have different gifts (or none at all) and in some regions contents may vary.


Salerm prebiotic hand cream 75 ml, worth 9€. Also comes with an eco-friendly notebook, choose from 4 models.


Rituals of Holi shower gel 150 ml or body cream 100 ml, worth 6.50€. Also comes with several samples inside the mag: Clinique, Rituals and perfumes.


1 of 8 different Beter products: make up (gloss, eye shadow), make up brushes or hairbrush.


Selvert Aquawear cream.


Dolores Promises shampoo.