Cashback Sites in Spain: How to Get ‘Free’ Money

There are several cashback reward programmes in Spain. Although each one works in a different way, the basics are the same: you receive money for your online purchases.

What is cashback?

In order to promote purchases on a website, companies offer intermediaries a commission and these intermediaries offer you, the shopper, a part of that commission. For example, instead of shopping directly on the El Corte Ingles website, if you go through a site that has an agreement with El Corte Ingles you’ll be rewarded with a small percentage of your purchase.

As you’ll pay the same price for your purchase whichever route you take, it makes sense to use a cashback site wherever possible. However you won’t get rich – it’s just a way to get some money back on your usual shopping.

Depending on the programme you join you might have to reach a threshold in order to get your money transferred to your bank account. In other cases you might be able to opt for a gift voucher.

But with cashback the most important thing is to remember to only purchase what you would have purchased anyway. Don’t spend more than you normally do, otherwise your monthly budget can soon spiral out of control and the money you get back will be meaningless.

A few basic rules before you start

Before we take a look at your cashback options in Spain, bear in mind the following:

  • Avoid any site that asks for an upfront payment in order to register.
  • Cashback sites are not regulated in the same way that banks are. As soon as you hit the threshold, request your cash: if a cashback website closes you won’t receive anything.
  • Don’t buy goods/services you wouldn’t have bought anyway.
  • Don’t forget that just because a company is on a cashback site it doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest; you should still compare prices.
  • Reward rates are variable and are often better at peak shopping times (such as Christmas).
  • If you’ve already directly visited a website where you’re thinking of shopping, your computer may have already stores cookies. In order to ensure that the tracking system from the cashback site works correctly, clear the cookies on your computer first. Cashback sites won’t accept responsibility for failed tracking.
  • Not all purchases on websites are valid for cashback. Usual exclusions include gift vouchers and some high value items.
  • If you order stuff and later return it, you won’t get any cashback. There’s usually a 30-day delay between your purchase and receiving the cashback credit in order to allow for returns.

#1 Dedicated websites

There aren’t as many cashback websites in Spain as in many other countries. The main site to check out is BeRuby.

BeRuby includes major brands such as Avis, AliExpress, Booking and Expedia. Take a look at the current stores and cashback rates available here.

#2 Cashback for your supermarket shopping

Tiendeo: This company has been around for a while but has only started to provide cashback in 2019. In order to get cashback you need to look at which food and drink products are included each month and upload your receipts showing you’ve purchased one or more of the items.

Current rewards are via vouchers, however it will soon be possible to get a transfer to your bank.


  • Receipts must clearly show the articles purchased. If your receipt is too long you can upload it as two separate photos.
  • Only tickets with a date from the last two weeks are accepted.

#3 From your bank

Several Spanish bank websites provide a portal for their clients where they can get cashback on purchases paid directly into their bank account.

Have a good look at your bank website and make sure you check the T&Cs for your purchase to be eligible. You may have to pay with your bank card and not with a debit or credit card from a different provider.

#4 Cashback that’s not cash!

If you’re a member of a frequent flyer programme, such as Iberia Plus, Vueling or British Airways, their websites have an online store where your purchases will be credited as Avios airmiles rather than cash. This can be a lucrative way to increase the number of airmiles in order to get free flights in the future.

Tip: Make sure you log in to your airmiles account before you visit the online store and click through to your chosen provider to make your purchase. If you don’t access your airmiles account, you won’t get the Avios credited.

Some credit and charge cards also have similar systems. For example, with American Express purchases you receive Membership Rewards (MR) at a rate of 1€=1 MR. These can be exchanged for airmiles, hotel stays and more.