Self-Storage In Spain

self-storage-spainThe number of self-storage companies in Spain has increased considerably over the last few years and are aimed not just at businesses but also at individuals too. We’ve taken a look at some of the companies in this market, what they offer and what prices you can expect to find.

Your first step should be to seriously think about whether you want to store all the things you’ve accumulated or not, and it’s a good idea to spend a weekend or two going through everything and be strict as to whether to keep, trash, sell or donate each and every one of the items you’re thinking about storing.

Once you’ve done this and have only got left those things that you really want to keep, these are your options:

Furniture: Most removal companies in Spain offer a furniture storage service (guardamuebles) with prices per month depending on the cubic meters to be stored. Although storage will normally be in a large warehouse and not in individual closed units, on the plus side you’ll be assured that your furniture will be protected from damp and other conditions that could deteriorate their condition. Additionally the service includes furniture pick-up, although when you decide to finish the contract you may have to pay for delivery as this will depend on your location.

When comparing prices and companies don’t forget to check the insurance details, especially regarding fire and theft cover. Check the list shown on the Spanish Removal Firm Federation website (Fedem) for reputable companies

Remember that this type of storage is not really viable if you want to add/take items on a regular basis, in this case you’d be better with a self-storage company.

If you’re down-sizing your home, it may be better to sell your items via eBay or Segundamano, or for Ikea furniture why not try Pikeando. Storage prices soon add up and if you’re contemplating storing for a few years it may be cheaper to buy new.

Miscellaneous items: Self-storage companies can be found on the outskirts of major towns and cities in Spain and space is available from as little as 1 m2 (although for that size do you really want to be paying?) with prices from approx. 30 euros per month. You will be responsible for taking the items to the storage company and putting them inside your assigned unit, so theoretically you could take anything, however in the contract you sign it will list prohibited objects such as inflammable or perishable items or anything that’s illegal.

Most companies offer 24 hour access to the units and have security personnel on-site. Most also offer the possibility to purchase packaging materials, including special boxes for hanging clothes, bubble wrap and plastic containers.

If you need to take a lot of stuff, some companies have vans that you can rent for the day, or check out a local van rental option with a small company.

Here are a few of the national chains that offer self-storage, for local companies just Google “alquiler trasteros” and your location:

Blue Space has 17 centres across Spain in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Girona, Lleida and Palma de Mallorca. Their website is available in English as well as Spanish, however some pages have not yet been translated. They offer the possibility to rent storage space per week, whilst most other companies only offer monthly contracts. Prices for materials are clearly shown and as well as individual items they offer “packs” with savings of 10-20%. Free van hire is also available.

Tu Trastero has its own centres in Madrid and Seville and collaborating centres across Spain. Their website is available in English (although some pages are a bit of a mix between Spanish & English). Current promotions include free van hire (with driver for contracts for 3 or more months) and a discount if you recommend someone who also rents storage space. They also offer a wide variety of storage products to cover most requirements.