Self Storage In Spain

The number of self storage companies in Spain has increased considerably over the last few years. We’ve taken a look at your options, the main companies in the market and the prices you can expect to find.

Before choosing a self storage solution

First of all think about whether you want to store all the stuff you’ve accumulated. Storage comes at a cost, so it’s a good idea to spend a weekend or two going through everything. When decluttering be strict as to whether to keep, trash, sell or donate each and every one of the items you’re considering storing.

Once you’ve done this, and the things left are those you really want to keep, take a look at your options:


Most removal companies in Spain offer a furniture storage service (guardamuebles) with prices per month based on cubic meters.

This type of storage will normally be in a large warehouse and not in individual closed units. The service includes furniture pick-up; but you may have to pay for delivery depending on your location.

When comparing prices and companies also check insurance details and limits, especially fire and theft cover. Check the list shown on the Spanish Removal Firm Federation website (Fedem) for reputable companies

Pros: Your furniture will be protected from damp and other conditions that could deteriorate their condition.

Cons: You won’t be able to visit when you want. Lack of flexibility to add and remove items at will.

Dedicated self storage companies

With almost 500 centres across Spain, most towns and cities have more than one self storage location available.

Many companies offer 24-hour access to units and have security personnel on-site. You may also be able to purchase packaging materials, including special boxes for hanging clothes and bubble wrap (compare prices with Amazon Spain and your local DIY store).

As with the previous option, remember to check the insurance cover.

Take a look online at BlueSpace, Box2Box, Tu Trastero and Global Box. Newbies may be able to get one month’s unit rental free, or only pay 1€. For local companies Google “alquiler trasteros” and your location.

Pros: Rent from as little as 1 m2 with prices from approx. 30€/m2 per month. Easy to increase/decrease the amount of space rented from one month to the next.

Cons: Pricing goes by location: those nearer to city centres have higher prices. You’ll often be responsible for transporting your items to the storage location and placing them inside your assigned unit. Some items aren’t permitted (such as perishable or inflamable items): check the contract for details. Cheaper options may have reduced visiting hours, or reduced security. Introductory prices may be limited to first 3 months.


Moving in to the self service storage market, Carrefour is starting to offer the service in Madrid from 2€ per month. The supermarket is working with BlueSpace at selected locations and we will probably see a roll out to other cities soon.

Pros: Includes free transport from your home to the storage site. Rates per box/suitcase or by volume (cubic metres). Pick up includes furniture packing materials. Promo 2019: 10€ discount with code MIESPACIOCRF.

Cons: Currently limited locations. Prices have minimum 3-month contract duration.

Private rental

Flat or house owners with spare rental space often advertise online (on Idealista or Fotocasa) or via Facebook. This option, although cheaper, should be checked carefully as your items may not be insured. If you’re going to depend on the owner’s home insurance, double check your items would be included in the contents policy or see if you can take out your own policy.


If you can’t transport your stuff in your own car (or a friend or neighbour’s), your best option is to rent a van. Watch out with a “man-with-a-van” service (often advertised on Facebook or available outside Ikea stores): more often than not your items won’t be insured and they may even disappear entirely!