Online Valuations – How Much Is Your Old Stuff Worth?

Before you start to declutter your home, why not get online valuations for some of your items without paying a hefty fee for the privilege? Try a web-based solution that can give you a valuation from the comfort of your living room in Spain for 10€ or less.

Take a look at, a UK-based company that values items from all over the world. They have a team of specialists who have worked at major auction houses such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s and were also the recipients of a £100,000 investment when they appeared on the BBC programme Dragon’s Den. Their system is really easy, with just three steps:

  • Upload up to 25 photos of the article to be valued, making sure to include all the photographic details you think the specialist could need to help with the valuation (such as stamps, signatures, etc.)
  • Include a written description of the item.
  • Add any other relevant information

How Much Does It Cost?

To be able to request online valuations you need to buy credits; if you’ve just got one item to be valued then the cost will be 10€, 25€ for three credits and 75.00€ for 10 credits. Upon receiving your valuation request(s), the company will assign an expert and you’ll get a pdf copy of your valuation report within 48 hours.

Value My Stuff covers most of the usual items that would need valuation, with only a few exceptions, and items are divided into 42 categories. We contacted the company who told us that they’ve had lots of clients from Spain use their service, as many found it easier than contacting a local antiques dealer.

What Should I Do Next?

The valuation service is really useful if you’re thinking of selling on eBay – Value My Stuff gives you a unique web link for your item so when people view your items on eBay they can click on the link, read the valuation report and see the estimated value of the item.

Or maybe you just want to get something valued for insurance purposes? In that case it’s a good idea to check your current policy and see up to what amount individual items are covered, as you may need to increase cover for your valuables or take out a specific policy.


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