Discount Coupons for Top Food Brands

couponsGone are the days when it was embarrassing to present money-off coupons at the tills in supermarkets, these days it’s the norm and what’s more it may even entice you to try something new at a reduced price.

The most popular brands in Spain have their own dedicated discount coupons websites. You’ll have to register online, although many sites let you log-in via your Facebook account, and most companies change their range of coupons available on a monthly basis.


Visit Danone’s Alimenta Sonrisas website and register online. As a newbie you’ll get 20 points immediately and then every time you buy Danone products remember to upload the alphanumerical code. Points can be exchanged for discount coupons;  three coupons will fit on an A4 sheet and you don’t need to print them in colour.

As well as coupons to print off, Danone are now trialling a new system whereby you upload your supermarket receipt and choose the discounts you’d like to apply to the products purchased. The discounts will be accumulated in your account and when you reach 3€ you’ll be sent a bank transfer.

Danone also offer more than just their own products – check out their catalogue to find how to exchange points for:

  • Free online films via Wuaki – up to two per household (so it might be a good idea to open another account!)
  • Discounts on experience packs
  • Discounts on books and magazines
  • Small electrical appliances


Pescanova is the leading brand in Spain for frozen fish and seafood. Visit the Pescanova website and join their online club. You’ll get 10€ in coupons by email and if a friend signs up also and puts your email address in the field “invitado por” (invited by) you’ll get another 10€ worth of coupons.


Although everyone associates Nestle with chocolate and coffee, the company owns many brands such as Buitoni, La Cocinera and Maggi. Nestle’s discount coupons site in Spain is called A Gusto Con La Vida and you’ll have to register to be able to download coupons. When you register first of all you’ll have to install a special printing app on your computer, according to their website this is to guarantee that the barcodes printed on the coupons can be read by supermarket tills.

Heineken Group

At the Let’s Beer website you can find coupons for Heineken, Amstel, Cruzcampo, Sol and other beers. You’ll need to enter your date of birth to access the website and remember to check back regularly as coupons change monthly.


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