Subscription Box Services in Spain

boxMonthly subscription box services with samples or products have been around for a few years now. With everything on offer from food to cosmetics to baby items, companies seem to have the whole market covered. We decided to take a look at what’s available in Spain and ask whether they’re worth the money.

According to an article on the BBC, Birchbox started the sample box trend by accident with the idea of offering cosmetic samples in order to get customers to buy the full-size products on the Birchbox website. However, other companies soon decided that it was a good idea just to offer the monthly boxes instead! Here’s a list of some that can be found in Spain.


Wine: Take a look at WineIsSocial (19.99€ – 2 bottles),  Boxpremier (30€ – 3 bottles)

More info: Most websites also have an online wine store with discounts on bottles, however check against offers at your local supermarket. All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, some websites offer discounts if you sign up for more months.

Tea: Teterum sends 2 different teas (50g each) every month for 9.99€ with instructions on how to correctly prepare each one.

More info: You can cancel your subscription at any time. Website has videos showing how to prepare different teas.

Beer: Cervetri sends between 4 to 10 bottles of beer every month (25€/mth or 70€/quarter), Birrabox offers 6 bottles per month (14.99€).


General food: Degustabox offers between 8 to 12 different items each month, some of which aren’t available in stores. Priced at 14.99€, or choose their 6-month option for 13.99€/month.

More info: Cancel at any time. See contents of previous boxes online to get an idea of products included.


Top ranking by users in Spain goes to Bodybox, 16€ per month. Includes top Spanish and international brands.

Birchbox offers 5 products every month for 10.95€/mth or 10€/mth if you sign up for 6 months. Cancel at any time. Products may be full size or samples and you can personalise for your skin and hair type.

Guapabox also comes with at least 5 products every month, price 15.95€ with lower prices for longer subscriptions. Website states that the total value of items in each box exceeds the monthly subscription cost.

For Pets

Patasbox offers items for your dog including foods, treats and more with a different themed box every month. Choose from small, medium or large dog, price is the same: 19.99€ (or less if you pay quarterly/yearly). Cancel at any time.


Studies have shown that boxes with food and drink products tend to be consumed in their entirety. With other boxes, such as cosmetics, once the novelty has worn off then subscribers will often not use some of the products.

It’s probably a good idea to sign up first for a short period. If convinced by the products and service, pay for a longer subscription to take advantage of the lower monthly rate.

MSS Tip: Google the subscription box companies as they sometimes have promos available that show up at the top of results list (adverts box).