Spanish Driving Licence? How To Check Your Points

driving_spainIt’s a good idea to check how many points you have if you have a Spanish driving licence as some insurance companies now offer discounts to those people who haven’t lost any points. The Spanish Traffic Directorate (DGT) has simplified their website to make it easier to use, so why not check it today?

When you visit the DGT website page to check your points, if you haven’t already got an password you’ll need to request one, the first step is to put in the Captcha code and click on request password (solicitor clave de acceso) in the yellow box.

Clave de acceso


  1. Enter your NIE number (no spaces) and the date your driving licence was issued.
  2. Enter your email address twice. You should see a confirmation screen that your password has been generated correctly. A few minutes later your password will arrive by email (remember to check your spam folder if you don’t see it in the inbox).
  3. Return to the first screen, input your NIE, driving licence date and the password. The first time you enter your password, you’ll be asked to change it for security reasons and a confirmation message will appear.
  4. On this screen you can click on check points (Consultar saldo de puntos).

How Does The Points System Work?

Normally everyone has 12 points, except drivers with less than three years experience who have 8 points.

If you are fined in Spain for a traffic offence, depending on the gravity of the sanction, this may be economic only or accompanied by the loss of 2 to 6 points. In a single day you can lose a maximum of 8 points, however in some situations you may lose your licence temporarily.

Can I Recover Points?

If you’ve been surprised to find that you’ve got less points than you expected don’t worry – if you don’t lose any points during a two-year period you get an extra 2 points and in three years you get an extra point. The maximum number of points for any driver is 15.

What If You Lose All Your Points?

In this case you’ve lost your licence and will have to take a short course to show that you are fit to drive. However, in order to take this course you have to wait six months after losing your licence (1 year if it’s happened before) and, if you pass, you’ll only get 8 points.


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