Buying CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray Online

DVD-CD-SpainThere’s plenty of competition in the online market for DVDs, CDs & Blu-ray. Most DVDs have the soundtrack in English if you buy in Spain, but it’s always a good idea to check before you buy. However, if you definitely want a Spanish soundtrack also, this tends to be more difficult if you buy in the UK – even though films have various languages, Spanish isn’t always one of them.

Amazon AutoRip – Free MP3 Downloads

Whether you buy CDs at Amazon UK or Amazon Spain, you can get a free MP3 download on thousands of titles – just check for the “AutoRip” logo. As you get the MP3 version immediately, it means you can enjoy the music purchased before your CD arrives in the post. What’s even better is that you can also get downloads for CDs you bought in the past (back as far as 1999!). Also if you bought CDs as gifts for friends and family via Amazon, you can still get the MP3 version.

Storage of MP3 downloads is via Amazon’s free Cloud Player meaning you can access your music from your computer or phone (or Kindle Fire, if you have one). When you open a Cloud Player account remember to use the same email and password as your Amazon account, this way Amazon can identify the CDs you bought in the past and you can choose whether to download those which have the AutoRip function (for some older CDs it may only be possible to download some tracks from the album).  AutoRip MP3 downloads are not counted against your storage limit in Amazon’s Cloud Player, so you won’t need to worry about having to pay for storage.

MSS Tips:

1. To get the free download you must make your purchase with a credit card of the country that coincides with the invoice address (so a Spanish address requires a Spanish bank credit card).

2. If you have accounts with both Amazon UK and Amazon Spain, you’ll have to open two Cloud Player accounts. Even if you don’t use your UK account any more, you can still get the downloads of CDs bought previously.

3. If you return a CD you’ll be charged for the MP3 version if you downloaded it. The MP3 version may, on occasions, be priced higher than the CD.

4. If you buy a CD that doesn’t have the AutoRip function, remember to check back some months later as Amazon is continually updating the albums and tracks available.

Amazon DVDs & Blu-ray

Amazon UK decided to end their Super Saver Delivery option for Spain in summer 2013, so normal international rates apply (see table – normally around £2.60). If buying from Amazon Spain then delivery is 2.99€, or 5.99€ for shipping to the Canary Islands, (other items have different delivery rates). With Amazon Spain you can sign up for a month’s free Amazon Premium service to get free delivery – but remember to cancel or you’ll be charged 14.95€ per year. (Rakuten)

With the advantages are that (1) Delivery is free, always (2) Prices appear in Euros, so no issues with converting to check the “real” price. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get daily emails detailing their offers which can get a bit annoying! Even though offer free delivery, remember to compare with Amazon (item+delivery charge) to see which website is cheaper.

Just one thing to look out for if you continue browsing on the website: other items such as some electronics or mobile phones can’t be sent to Spain so check before you buy.

Zavvi offers free European delivery which takes from 5-8 days (some restrictions apply). Check out their outlet for DVD and Blu-ray offers.


The Fnac website shows their latest offers and also their flash sale which changes daily.  Remember to check our post on whether its worthwhile to get a Fnac Club Card (it’s not free!). Delivery charges are 1€.