Discount Vouchers in Spain – Why Pay More?

spain offersAt Money Saver Spain we don’t promote prepaid coupons as they are very short-lived, however we do like those sites where you register and get vouchers only for the items you’re interested in. We’ve rounded up a list of miscellaneous sites in Spain where you can get these vouchers for everything from fashion to food to frozen yogurt. If you’re worried they’ll be blocking up your inbox, just create a new email account specifically for them.


[tabs style=”2″][tab title=”Oportunista“]At you can check offers by sector (eg restaurants) or by city. If you check out the offers, make sure that you look at the addresses where each one is applicable – some national chains only have regional offers.

Don’t forget you’ll need to register first before you can download any coupons[/tab]
[tab title=”Unilever“]Nearly all the big brands are owned by a couple of megacompanies, one of these being Unilever with Dove, Axe, Knorr, Magnum, and many more of your favourite brands. Unilever has launched it’s own website with discount coupons, register here.[/tab]

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[tab title=”Procter & Gamble“]Brands owned by P&G include Pantene, Olay, Braun, Fairy and Gillette amongst others. Their website is called “Proxima A Ti“, you’ll have to register, choose those coupons that you’re interested in and print them off. [/tab]

[tab title=”UrbanCheck“]UrbanCheck has two ways of getting their coupons to you; either delivered directly to your letter box in the form of a cheque book or now online also, where you can choose those you want to print or  get a code to use to buy online. Put in your city to get only those coupons valid for where you live in Spain.[/tab]

[tab title=”Posters & Prints“]If you visit All Posters Home page and put in “ofertas” in the search box (near top, left hand side) you’ll get a list of over 4000 reduced products. When special offers aren’t on, normally for most first time visitors a 10% discount offer will appear in a pop-up window (unless you have them disabled). Delivery prices depend on the type of item, some are per order and some per item, minimum cost is 8.90€.

You can also check out Posters Point but don’t forget to sign-up first for their PostersPoint Club to get a 10% discount off your first order. Also check out bargains shown under “Clearance” in the left-hand column as well as “On Sale”. Delivery is from 5.95€ and on their Spanish language site it shows a free delivery offer for orders over 69€ (mainland & Balearics).
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