Hostels – A Savvy Alternative to a Hotel in Spain

hostel-spainIf you travel to any town or city in Spain, you’ll inevitably see that it’s full of tourists. But you may be asking yourself that if we’re in the midst of one of the biggest recessions in recent history – just how to they afford it?

First of all low cost airlines offer travel to and between cities such as Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Granada or Seville. Travelling directly to a city means that you can visit places that you might not have thought about before. Additionally due to the financial crisis hoteliers have had to lower their prices, but even with lower prices hotels are often outside many travellers’ budgets – so why not try hostels or “bed and breakfast” type accommodation in Spain?

Many people in the past have automatically not considered this type of accommodation thinking that it’s not for families or only for backpackers who’re willing to put up with another 7 people in the same room on some old bunk beds! Did you know that there are hostels in Barcelona where you can sleep for only 5€ per night? Or hostels in Salamanca for only 25€ in a double room with private bathroom?

Of course if you do want to meet people hostels can be the perfect place, the kitchens are shared and most also have large common areas with a TV, games, books, sofas, etc. So, hostels are not just for backpackers but also for families, couples, groups or anyone who wants to reduce the cost of accommodation on their trip but without sacrificing comfort.

Remember in Spain to look not only for the word “hostal” but also “pensión”. If you visit the website Your Spain Hostel you can see information about these places across the Spanish mainland and the Islands. Prices are shown for sharing or private rooms and you can check whether a private bathroom is available or not. Remember that for anyone thinking of following the road to Santiago, then this type of accommodation is highly recommended as you get to meet fellow pilgrims along the way. Additionally at Your Spain Hostel they also have a number of special offers for your chosen city.


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